10 INEC EOs To Face Sanction, As Blogger Expresses Disamay Over Commission’s Intergrity

Ten out of the 21 Electoral Officers (EOs) in Anambra State may be served quries or sanctioned appropriately by Abuja INEC headquarters for failing to show up at a one day workshop organized for social media operators in the state by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in the state.

The Director, Voters Education and Publicity (VEP), Mr Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, dropped the hint at King David Hotels and Suites, Akwa, venue of the event following low turn out by staff of the Commission, especially the EOs and invited bloggers.

Mr Osaze-Uzzi, who was miffed with the low turnout directed a female staff to take attendance of the EOs that were present at the event with a vow to making a report that he would submit to Abuja.

“I will make a formal report to Abuja and ensure that the Commission takes action against them. The Commission cannot comit so much resources and people will not come”, he threatened.

Osaze-Uzzi, also was hurt by the noisy attitude of those at the registration table for not being able to maintain quietness while the programme was on just as it took him several attempts to restore sanity among them.

Shock swept through the marrows of Osaze-Uzzi and the INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) Manager, Abiodun Sunday Ayodele, when some of the EOs and other INEC staff could not give the full meaning of the acronym “ICCC”.

INEC also failed to provide workshop materials for participants, as only fliers and the programme of activities for the event was distributed. Few of the bloggers that showed up were disappointed at the shabby organization of the event. The forum fell short of the expected outcome.

Meanwhile, a blogger (name withheld) during the interactive session expressed worries over the inability of INEC to come up with a statement on the alleged under age who voted during the 2015 presidential poll in some parts of the north.

“I feel so sad that up till now INEC has not come up with a statement on the pictures of young children who voted during the 2015 presidential election in the north. I think it is very indicting”.

He disclosed that he tweeted several pictures of alleged rigging by an undisclosed political party which INEC couldn’t respond to till date.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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