11 penis facts every man must know!

Sex researchers, Alfred Kinsey and Dr. Steven Lamm, say men must understand the following facts about their manhood…

• Penis has a mind of its own. The penis is a member of the nervous system regulating both heart rate and blood pressure, over which men do not have complete control at all times. Hence, it is not as controllable, compared to the legs or arms.

• Time it requires to regain erection. The average time for a man to regain erection after the last ejaculation can range from two minutes to two weeks — depending on a man’s psychological and physical conditions. A man who is active sexually can regain erection quickly.

• Erection frequency. There are 11 normal erections per day and nine erections during night time. However, one good erection every morning is a good sign of a healthy penis.

• Stress affects the penis. For instance, psychological stress is associated with the sympathetic nervous system that can render the same effect as the cold shower affecting erection.

• Tobacco smoking shortens the penis. Erection involves proper blood flow and smoking tobacco or cigarette heavily affects it. Experts say smoking can shorten the penis by as much as one centimetre.

• Cold affects erection. Swimming and cold weather temporarily make penis unable to become erect. Not to worry, the situation is temporary.

• Penis can be fractured. Although, the penis does not have any bone, it can break or get fractured. Penile fracture commonly happens during aggressive sex, with the woman on top sex position.

• Circumcision. Both WHO and UNAIDS recommend that adult men should be circumcised, as it helps lower the risk HIV infection.

• Erection and aging. Approximately 95 percent of men have difficulty achieving the same erections by the age of 28, as compared to their 20s. By mid 30s, erections are less than one-tenth as frequent. The frequencies or occurrences of erections decline as men age, due to decrease in testosterone level witch can be battled according to Clevescene.com.

• Peyronie’s disease and ageing. Peyronie’s disease or curved penis is likely to occur as men age. It cause difficulty in having sex and can be painful for both partners.

• Poor blood flow affects erection. Clinical studies reveal that over 75 percent of men experience difficulty achieving an erection due to poor blood flow to the testicles and penis areas. Without proper blood flow to the male’s genital, male sex hormone or testosterone level decreases, as well.

Source: punch