2019: APC Stalwart Task Anioma On Consensus Candidate

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

A chieftain of the All Progressives
Congress (APC), in Delta State,
Chief Emmanuel Nduka Ogwuda, has
called on the people Of the Anioma
Nation to as a matter of urgency close
ranks, urging them to pick a consensus
governorship candidate ahead of the 2019
general election in the
Chief Ogwuda disclosed that the call
became imperative following the
emergence of new political platforms and
agitations, “seeking to alter
political understanding hitherto
established by leaders of thought to
Foster peaceful co-existence, mutual
development and ethical harmony
In the state.
The APC faithful started this Friday during
a press briefing in Asaba, saying, “we have taken notice of

ominous plots by some desperate
politicians to scuttle the political zoning
arrangement for the
governorsh position, which was
established since 1999″.
“When the current Democratic
dispensation took-off, Delta Central
District was endorsed and massively
supported to produce the
governor. Then Delta South took their turn
before it came to Delta North,
which incumbency persists”.
He maintain that zoning of the
governorsh position must remain
sacrosanct, warning that it should been
respected by all political
parties, pressure groups and lobby
“As far as committed members of the APC
are concerned, the
governorship position is non-negotiable
and our party the APC should
work in this direction to deliver a
candidate of APC from Anioma
“I am therefore vehemently opposed to
the rumoured plot to zone the
leadership of Delta State chapter of APC
to Delta North in the
forthcoming party Congress, with the plan
to alter the governorship
zoning arrangement in favour of another
Senatorial District”.
“This ill-conceived agenda will strangle the
rapidly booming
popularity of the APC in the state and
eventually kill the party as a
widely accepted alternative platform in
Delta State”.
Nduka Ogwuda said he is working with
like minded and committed members
of the APC to produce a credible, widely accepted and winsome

candidate that would sweep the 2019
governorship polls in Delta State,
adding that it would bring about the much
-desired change and
transformation of the immensely
endowed State which has been under the
yoke of bad and corrupt government
since 1999, which the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) exemplified.
“Delta State APC should therefore be
wary of mercantile politicians in
the party who area fanning the embers of
disunity, division and
discord. As any attempt to produce an
APC governorship candidate
outside Delta North (the Anioma Nation)
will amount to an exercise
doomed to fail and a fifth columnists plot
being hatched to kill the
popularity of the APC brand in Anioma
Nation in particular and Delta
State in general”.
He took the opportunity to pass an implicit vote of

confidence on the
present leadership of the party in the


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (politics)

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