2019: Group urges Ebonyians to vote massively for Governor Umahi

By Ogodo Mbam , Abakaliki

A non-governmental organisation, Centre for Reform Education Initiative (CREI) has called on the electorates in Ebonyi state to massively vote for the second term bid of Governor Dave Umahi in the March 9, 2019 gubernatorial elections saying “there is no need changing a performing team”.

Executive director of CREI, Hon. Chinwe Ugwu, who made the call in a statement, said it was time for the people of the state to show appreciation to the governor for the excellent job he has done since he was sworn in on May 29, 2015.

She explained that there was every need for the people of Ebpnyi to re-elect Governor Umahi to enable him continue the laudable work he has done in the past almost four years adding that the state ‘has never has it so good”

“We, at CREI are of the view that the only way the good people of Ebonyi state can show appreciation and acknowledge the transformation of the state in the past few years is to vote for continuity by Governor Dave Umahi to allow him consolidate on his good work and further transform the state as a major business hub in the South-east.

“It is our candid belief that with the good plans the governor has put in place, if he is given another four years, the massive development and economic transformation in Ebonyi State would be like what is obtainable in the developed world”, she stated..

The Executive Director noted that “if you go round the state capital you will be amazed at the level of development everywhere, including massive roads networks, three units of modern fly-over, and expansive roundabouts with water fountains, as well as construction of other infrastructure and developmental projects taking place in other parts of the state”.

According to her, “It is in Ebonyi State that you can see massive concrete roads construction works linking up different parts of the state and neighbouring states. And it is amazing that all these huge developments and transformations are happening in just three years administration of Gov. Dave Umahi. He is just a rare gift to the state; hence my passionate call is for the people of the state to vote massively to re-turn him to office for the second term”.

She explained that the decision of the group to campaign for the Governor was due to the driving force behind the high level of development taking place in Ebonyi State adding that “the great passion, vision and devotion by the governor was most commendable.

“We have observed that Governor Dave Umahi has the passion and the commitment towards making Ebonyi the hub of business and development in the South-east region. Everyone can attest to the fact since he came into office, the state has witnessed tremendous development in areas of infrastructure, economic empowerment and great performances in virtually other sectors.

“Today, he is one of the few governors in the South East that has an enduring programme for the youths; his empowerment scheme, which is aimed at taking off the streets all indigenes of Ebonyi is a landmark achievement. He has been able to give the youth of Ebonyi a renewed confidence, which is now their driving force to developing themselves and attaining self sufficiency. “


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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