2019: PDP Bigwig Defect To APC In Delta, Vow To Stop Former Party

By Kenneth Orusi, The Nigerian Voice, Asaba

While the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), swells at the national level following the exodus defection that is hitting the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), the PDP in Delta State, is suffering from what the opposition described as “malnutrition” following the deflection it suffered in Ethiope East local government area of the state.

The malnourishment of PDP in Delta is coming on the heels of a notable figure, political calculator and game player, Monday Igedu, who recently defected to the APC with a vow to stop the PDP from wining a single unit or ward in the Local Government come 2019.

Igedu, who addressed newsmen at Kokori, Ethiope East Local Government Area Saturday, during the formal notification/declaration of intent to run by Solomon Edoja for the Ethiope federal constituency seat of the House of Representatives, disclosed that the PDP as a party is full of “evil, cheats and deceit”.

He said over the years, successive administrations of the party have used the people who are the field workers at the grassroots and abandoned them, and as such, he has decided to dump the PDP for the APC which he said has a clear purpose for the masses at the grassroots level.

Narrating how he joined Chief Akpobi, Late Chief Patrick Bolokor, Chief Sunday Umunede and others in ensuring the formation and success of the party, Igedu said, he was part of every plan, meeting and consultation just to ensure PDP stood.

“We were five in number from Ethiope-East including Chief Ighoyota Amori, Chief James Ibori and others that ran everywhere to ensure the PDP is rooted firmly in the state”.

He blamed some groups he referred to as ‘greedy and wicked cabal’ who believed that all benefits accrued to those doing the grassroots mobilization should come to them, hence most of them are living beggarly life while a few swim in the ocean of wealth acquired dubiously.

The former PDP stalwart who was so bitter, expressed his anger and grudges as he revealed that PDP as a party has never won election but only believe in stealing peoples mandate.

“We are the people doing the magic, we are the field workers and foot soldiers of PDP and we always intimidated, oppressed the masses and stole their mandate for PDP in any election”, he confessed.

Igedu further stated that he has been enduring PDP because of his younger sister, Chief Mrs. Faith Majemite, the present Local Government Chairman of Ethiope East, but since 1999 till date, he has never benefited anything from the party, but rather has been used in every election to oppress, intimidate and manipulate electioneering process thereby depriving the masses of their choice candidates all just to ensure the PDP carried the day, all were without reward.

Asked if the councillorship position he has once occupied was not a reward from the PDP, he retorted saying , ‘The cabal in PDP oppressed me when I contested and gave my councillorship mandate to another person, but I have to go through the Alliance for Democracy, AD, then and I won convincingly due to my pedigree’.

He noted that he has never been sponsored by the party (PDP) nor be rewarded with anything but claimed that he knew all the shady deals of PDP and has vowed to stop such during the 2019 election.

Igedu who is said to be so popular in the Local Government, boasted that he has the political will and force to deliver the Local Government for the APC and assured that the APC will win all election in the Delta state, come 2019.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (politics)

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