3 Mistake Men Make During Sex and How to Avoid It – Click Here

The inability of a man to control his ejaculation during sex is one of the most common sexual complaints
– not just amongst men, but amongst women too.​

If premature ejaculation is giving you plenty of frustration in your relationship, then you’ll find the
following tips helpful.​

Most men overlooked these simple strategies. But believe me…if you pay a little attention to these, great
sex is just around the corner!

Tip #1 – It is NOT just about penetration​

Many men have this mistaken notion that women can only derive sexual satisfaction through intercourse. Nothing can be further from the truth!​

Did you know that far more women can achieve an orgasm through oral sex than intercourse?​

That’s true.​

So it really works to your advantage to learn at least some basic cunnilingus techniques to bring your woman to an erotic boil FIRST before heading into penetration mode.​

Once she gets her orgasm through oral sex, a lot of the burden and performance anxiety will be lifted off your shoulders.​

And since performance stress and anxiety are two key factors of premature ejaculation, getting these out of the way can only mean better sex and better endurance for you, and your partner too!​

Tip #2 – Focus on your breathing​

One of the keys to lasting longer is in regulating how you breathe during lovemaking.​

Breathing correctly will help relax both your mind and body and can potentially give you a massive boost in sexual stamina.​

That is also the reason why men skilled in the art of tantric sex seem to possess an almost superhuman endurance, with the innate ability to make love for hours – literally!​

Here’s one great breathing tip that you can practice immediately…When you are penetrating her, try exhaling. As you withdraw, try to breathe in.​

This may be a little challenging if you are new to this, but with enough practice, it will become second nature to you!​

Tip #3 – Above all, focus on “female adoration”​

Great benefits await the man who practice delayed gratification.Most guys have the tendency to jump straight into intercourse to pleasure themselves instead of their partners.​

But if you remain focused on giving her the pleasure FIRST, you will inevitably extend your staying power in bed.​

Sex will become a transformative experience instead of a short-lived adventure.​

“Ladies first” doesn’t just apply in social etiquettes,​ but in lovemaking as well!​

When it comes to banishing premature ejaculation from your life,these tips are a good start.​

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