4 Health signs you must never ignore

Our health is something we must take utmost care of, unfortunately, many times this isn’t always the case. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 health signs from your body that you must never ignore. Get the facts about what to expect from male-enhancement pills, pumps, exercises and surgeries, on www.kryolifehealth.com help you get back on track. If you decide that you do not want to get the operation then you can wear a truss or abdominal hernia support belt for colostomies. Wearing this will keep the hernia from protruding, thus slowing down your abdominal wall tear. It is important that you do not carry out any heavy lifting or strenuous activities from now on, or otherwise your hernia will get worse. If you happen to get a hiatal hernias, the common treatment is to change your diet and life schedule. You should improve your vegetable, fruit and grain intake to improve your fibre intake. This will put less strain on your bowel and abdominal wall, plus it is more beneficial to your overall health. Your doctor can also prescribe medication also in certain situations. Most people who get hernias are usually men, as they tend to exert themself more often, lifting heavy object over time etc. Doing this can lead to a tear in you abdominal wall and then the hernia protrudes. You may be thinking that older men are the only ones that get hernias but this is not true, much younger men (myself included) can get hernia also. Remember hernia is also heredity in some men. If you notice that you have a small lump in your lower abdomen then you should see a doctor straight away to get it assessed. Most doctors will recommend that you have surgery, because leaving a hernia untreated will cause it to become larger in time and it could become strangulated. A strangulated hernia while rare can cause significant blood loss when the hernia gets entangled with a blood vessel and your intestine, not very pleasant at all. We have covered topics like the different types of calorie levels and how to keep track of your food intake. Another aspect of having a good diet is being careful of what you eat. A 2000 calories diet filled with sugar and fried food is not the same as one that comprises of good carbs, protein and Mrtrimfit.com has good tips on health fat. The way your body processes the different types of food that you eat impacts your body in unique ways. What you want to do is to consume less unhealthy food and replace them with more vegetables and protein/fat. If you are someone that is not very active, then go easy on your carbs as well. Our bodies are designed to move and not be a couch potato. You can do wonders for your weight loss plan by throwing in regular workouts of exercise sessions in a week. Aim to do at least 3 sessions a week of moderate to intense exercise. If you have not been active for a long time, don’t just jump into the deep end and injure yourself. Start off slowly first by doing less impactful exercises like walking, swimming or jogging before moving up the intensity ladder.

Pain After Exercise
If you are someone who exercises (everyone should exercise by the way) and you realize that you feel significant pain after exercising, not just muscle soreness but long-term pain and swelling, you should never ignore this. This pain might indicate temporary muscle or bone damage that can become permanent. If you have constant pains after exercise, try cutting down your workouts, and be sure to apply ice to the painful area. If the pain persists, go see a physician. Even if you are using highly recommended supplements like anadrol, make sure you get the pain checked by your physician.

Severe Head Pain
This doesn’t refer to normal headaches or migraines, but that ‘worst pain ever’ kind of headache with constant peaks within seconds or minutes. The headache becomes so intense that it not only affects your vision, but your mental functions. This isn’t a sign you should ever ignore. It’s advisable to go see a doctor for a checkup.

Losing Weight Without Trying
For most people, this is considered a blessing they embrace and even celebrate, but it is important to be careful when you notice this. Rapid or constant weight loss when you have done absolutely nothing and changed nothing in your diet, lifestyle, activity or exercise, can be indicative of an underlying health condition. You are better off not ignoring this and going for a medical checkup.

Always Very Thirsty
This could be normal for most people, but if you find out that you don’t usually feel very thirsty and all of a sudden it’s like you have to consume tankers of water to quench your frequent thirsts, it’s another sign you should pay attention to. Particularly if the frequent thirst is accompanied by any swelling or rapid weight gain or if it’s accompanied by nausea or fatigue, you should ensure you don’t ignore this sign and go for a checkup.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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