A Day So Short

It’s just 17,155 days
So little so much!
47 calendar months
by our human estimation
Even 74 is still less than quarter a day
In the estimation of the Almighty
So it’s still little…

The road was rough and thorny
I trudged on with my overwhelming baggage
Dizzy and giddy
No one in sight
No manna, no rain from the sky
for sustenance
As darkness from the heavens kissed
The face of the earth
But hundreds of kilometers still more
To trudge.Will it end here?
The echoing Voice
From above thundered “no”
I kept moving.Optimism.Pessimism!
I was in-between
I overtook many milestones
And soon put them behind my back

Suddenly,I behold YOU
Beaming your flood lights
on me
YOU wave your halo
YOU smile at me
My hope rekindled
I see happiness.I see success
I see peace hugging me
Left,right,up and down
I am robed in a garb of celebrity
But for YOU, I would still be on the road.

You have made it happen,celebrating me.
(Extract from “Echoes”, a poem written to celebrate the writer on his 47th birthday)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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