The last 24 hours is one to forget for the regime. Setback after

setback paints a picture of incompetence and imminent implosion.

As the nation is still reeling in the knowledge of a successful triple

suicide bombing attack in Konduga Borno State, news has filtered in of

an even more deadly massacre in Kebbi State.
The Governor of Kebbi State, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, confirmed before a

world press conference that 42 innocent Nigerians were beheaded by

Boko Haram terrorists who left only one witness alive to tell the tale

of woe. Coupled with the 27 killed in Maiduguri and 30 killed in

Adamawa where 60 homes were raised to the ground, the propaganda that

Boko Haram has been technically defeated now sounds like a bad joke.

There appears to be a total break down in the security situation in Nigeria.

And coupled with the blatant attack on the EFCC headquarters early

this morning in Abuja, the heart of the regime and the most secure

city in the land protected by crack policemen, DSS, Special Forces and

the Brigade of Guards, one wonders how gunmen could shoot up the EFCC

headquarters, come out of their cars, smile and take selfies, then

drop a threatening letter promising to come back and assassinate key

EFCC investigators if the investigation into Politically Exposed

Persons is not halted then make a clean getaway in broad daylight.

This sounds like a Nollywood movie staring Kanayo O Kanayo and Pete

Edochie, only that this African Magic happened for real. This is

really scary and one wonders who one should cry to for help. The

Presidency in Aso Rock or the Presidency in London. The burden of

responsibility is now obscured in murky waters and the proponents can

claim sainthood since no one can really embrace responsibility for the

carnage in the land. Acting President can say he is only a custodian

and is not the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces while the

Substantive President can confidently say he handed over hence such

matters are not his problem instead the tragedy in Sierra Leone is

more important for in less that 12hours after the mass casualties

following a Mudslide in Freetown the Presidency in London had called

the President of Sierra Leone to pass across their condolences. But

scores of Nigerians are slaughtered by terrorists and it is the

Russian Federation and the United Nations Secretary General calling

for an emergency meeting to discuss the carnage in Nigeria while our

own Government pretends as if nothing happened. God is watching this

hypocrisy in 3D.
History will not be kind to this regime that abdicates its

responsibility and makes a mockery of the lives of Nigerians. And the

insults only gets worse as one hears of how Evans the Kidnapper has

won the right for his case suing the Government to be heard. Listening

to the rudiments of the case one is appalled at the shenanigans of the

regime. Why has Evans not been charged to court: this remains a big

question the conspiracy theorists are providing answers with

Who are the big wigs who don’t want Evans to sing like a canary in

open court as he faces trial? The regime has a lot to explain to

Nigerians but have no obligation to do so since thugs and miscreants

say there shall be no accountability and can end a peaceful protest

asking for justice and the elevation of morality, since they are ethno

religious jingoists that see no wrong in the current state of affairs.

Even as the bodies of their kinsmen pile up they are still smiling and

trolling seeking for who to accuse of hatred of their tin god. Indeed

a people get the leadership they deserve. More bad days are certainly

on the horizon at this rate and we can only blame ourselves for

tolerating this nonsense.
For this regime is indirectly responsible for every single Boko Haram

suicide attack. The United Nations latest report states the Nation has

been hit by 484 Female suicide bombers from July 2011 to July 2017.

And since this regime came on board it has made absolutely no effort

to check the tide. Is it possible to say the process by which parents

sell their female children to Boko Haram, that they maybe used as

Suicide Bombers cannot be halted?
How many parents have been arrested, tried and convicted for this

dastardly act. Not even one.
How many recruitment agents who buy these children have been arrested

and their source of funding exposed? None.
One does not fight terrorism with only waving the hammer of the

military but intelligence comes into play as well. So out of 484

female suicide bombers not one of thems identity has been unmasked up

till the process of their recruitment and sanctioning. This pales in

comparison with the unmasking, trial and conviction of Farouk

Abdulmuttalib the Pant bomber. Truth be told. This regime lacks the

political will to stem the tide of female suicide bombers. Hence one

can only sit back and expect more bombing to litter the news in days

to come.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)


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