Actor, Bigvai Jokotoye Rushed to US Hospital After Sudden Ailment

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

When the health system of a country is good then its citizens will have every opportunity of reaping the dividend of democracy which is what Nollywood actor, Bigvai Jokotoye, has just enjoyed in US.

The actor has been based in the US for a while now and things have been going well with him until he almost lost his life only to wake up in the hospital.

Thank God for his life as he explained that he was doing fine all through and no signs of ailment before leaving the house as he drove himself out only to get the parking lot and started throwing up and then passed out.

He was rushed to the hospital after the emergency health number was called and within minutes, he was giving medical attention while being rushed to the hospital.

Sharing the good news, he wrote, “So, this is how people die? I’m still speechless, i don’t know how to thank GOD enough, HE saved me from sudden death, HE put the devil and my enemies to shame, am grateful oh LORD….. Nothing was wrong with me, i drove to the store myself and i started throwing up at the parking lot. In a twinkle of an eye, I passed out, woke up on the hospital bed. I have never experienced this, BABA, YOU have proved you great love for me again, am fit more than ever before, thank YOU JESUS.”

Source: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)