Actress, Abimbola Ogunnowo Shows off Process of Making her Toning Cream

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These days, lots of Nigerian entertainers especially those in Nollywood have been looking toned and radiant and that is because they have been using the skin products from Anoque has the right combination, contains extracts and essential oils to help soothe, hydrate and stimulate cell renewal.

One of those who has been looking so clean and glowing by the day is Nollywood actress, Abimbola Ogunnowo, who dabbles as a skin therapist. Two of the most common areas people struggle with and where hormonal acne appears are along the jaw and around the chin due to clogging up of pores. The reason for this is because these two areas contain hormonally sensitive hair follicles. Hormonal Acne Treatment provides the best Best Natural Skincare Solutions. If you’re bent on wearing thongs in the summer season, you’ve probably heard of getting a Brazilian to wear this tiny thingy in style. “A Brazilian?” That’s all the answer (which is also a question) that I want to hear from all of you who are brazen enough to go out in your g-strings and thongs. Yes, a Brazilian, which is a type of bikini wax that most American women would consider extreme. The idea has been around for decades and in the US, it’s been introduced by the seven J Brazilian sisters. Apparently, they felt the bushiness was a little too unsexy for Rio. Wearing thongs naturally require you to get a bikini wax. Some opt for ordinary types of shaving, trimming, and a moderate type of waxing that doesn’t require the butt hair to be taken off. But with a Brazilian wax, everything must go. Well, the labia part deserves a break, so some women have a choice of keeping the hair on the inner part of the pubic area (landing strip) intact. The extremes would have everything pulled off, and yes, sometimes with a tweezer. You can find more information about BRAZILIAN WAXING through this site How does it feel like to have a Brazilian wax? This shouldn’t be controversial anymore, since even if you’re not a Hollywood actress or a porn star, a Brazilian wax can be the next best thing to looking gorgeous on the beach with a thong. Some women go to great lengths just having their “beards” shaved or waxed smoothly. But a thong deserves a Brazilian, so it’s best to get acquainted with the process soon enough. Some women confess that it’s better you choose only one salon with a well-acquainted professional to do the job, rather than showing your whole package to everyone each time your pubic area grows a stubble. Of course, since it’s the J sisters from Brazil who had us craving for a totally smooth wax in the first place, it’s better to visit them in their New York Salon. Celebrities often frequent this spot, and you’ll get quality Brazilian wax at a price. It’s true, some folks from even outside of the US fly to the J sisters salon to get the real thong-thing, but if you ask me I’d rather take a quick visit to the best ones in the state.

Many will conclude that these celebs spend huge amount of money on expensive creams just to look toned but the truth is they buy made in Nigeria product which is made from natural ingrediants found around us. Shop pumpkin spice skincare line that will invigorate the senses as it cleanses and detoxifies your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Keeping your business premises or facility clean and presentable at all times is possible with the help of a professional floor stripping and waxing service. Over time floors begin to develop scratches, wax build-up, and starts to yellow and wear – this can soon be restored with the proper treatment and care. High-traffic areas are more to prone to dirt, debris, and grit, than anywhere else, which can leave a commercial space looking less than desirable. You can get on hands training here about WAXING CLASSES. Depending on the type of business and the volume of foot traffic, a floor stripping and waxing course is often recommended at least once every 12-months for commercial premises where heavy foot traffic is to be expected, whereas, for industries with a lower volume of traffic, a routine cleaning can take place once every two or three years or so. Steps to completing a floor stripping and wax service consists of – Stripping – with use of a powerful floor scrubber, the old layers of wax, sealer or other build-up are removed. By stripping the floors of old wax, all of the dirt and grime is lifted, leaving behind a bare floor surface. Floor stripping is a common practice on several different types of floor surfaces, such as wooden, marble, tile, concrete, slate, or other surfaces with a wax finish. Each of the floor types features unique characteristics, which requires special attention. Waxing – a water or oil-based waxing solution is applied to give long-lasting protection, often with 4-6 layers, to make a floor shine like new once again. A high-quality waxing should keep a floor clean and shiny for on average five to six years if professionally applied and maintained as recommended. Waxing is the cosmetic process by which the unwanted hair from the skin is removed. There are broadly two categories of wax, the hot and the cold. Wax is usually made out of resin or sugar and honey, which is then applied to the skin. A cloth is then plastered upon and rubbed at the affected area. After few moments, the cloth is pulled off at a 40 degree angle to reveal smooth, hairless skin. The hair is removed from the roots hence, stalling its growth for quite long. Dead cells also get removed and we usually get a fairer and softer skin. However, despite its many advantages, some people are scared of this process as the pulling away of the cloth sometimes causes unwarranted discomfort and pain. Homemade waxing kits are all easily available in the market. Many people face the dilemma to do their waxing from an expert or at home. Though home waxing turns out to be the cheaper option the mess left is sometimes overwhelming. It also becomes difficult to do certain areas and the result is that hair still remains after all the efforts. The amount and the type of hair of hair also depends the waxing it needs. A beautician who has the proper knowledge and training will know on what type of waxing the client needs and the process to go about it. Home waxes may be cheap and convenient but a professional will be able to do it less painfully and maybe in a much better way. We can opt for home wax when we don’t have the time to take an appointment and need to do go somewhere urgently.

Abimbola had to share the processes she goes through before making her cream and getting them to various stores which has been on high demand like she has always believed, it’s all about identifying with the various herbs around us and putting it to proper use.

“That joy in me when am making my organic skin care product is unexplainable. You can tell from everything i do that I LOVE SKINCARE. I lOVE to use cbd skin products and SKINCARE IS IN ME AND AM PROUD OF ME. WHO ELSE IS PROUD OF ME?”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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