Actress, Carolyn Danjuma Becomes Landlady in Lagos

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If one is looking for that hardworking celebrity who does not seat back to wait for a man to support her then one wona��t be wrong at picking Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma.

The actress has become one hardworking celeb as she wears both motherly crown and the boss crown as she shuttles between acting, business and schooling.

In a recent chat monitored by, the actress, disclosed that acting is just something she loves doing but cannot depend on that alone as she also needs to push herself further.

In her words, a�?Ia��m self-made, I sent myself to school and my MBA, although Ia��m not there yet but surely will be there as I have so many things I am doing and also planning.a�?

Unlike many who would have come online to brag about things they have achieved, the actress has been busy building herself to her standard as she stylishly disclosed that she just completed her new house which she will be moving in soon. a�?oh, I have just completed my new house, yippee, you know I dona��t like making noise about myself. Yeah, I have gotten myself a new home and it is all my money.a�?


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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