Actress, Charity Asuquo Celebrates as Mother Survives New Year Accident

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Pretty Nollywood actress, Charity Asuquo, is still celebrating Goda��s love upon her family after her mum recently survived a fatal accident which almost claimed her life.

The actress disclosed that she almost lost her mother after she was involved in car crash and she was called only to be told that she has internal bleeding which needs urgent surgery due to the position.

Aside the surgery, she also explained that her mother lost three tooth in the process while she also suffered from multiple fractures.

Sharing her testimony, the actress wrote, a�?God punish devil, I don’t have time to bind you either, the only time I have is to dance, sing, jump, praise to the glory of God for serving my mum’s life . God you’re awesome and marvelous in your doing. I will serve you forevermore. After I was called at the early hours of Thursday by 4th of January that my mum had an accident. The lost 3tooth and also had multiple fractures on her ribs, to worse it all, was that she had internal bleeding which she needed urgent surgery to take the fluid of her body to avoid difficulty in breath since it’s on the left chest within 28hrs. God I can’t thank you enough. You’re worthy to praise. You made a way where there seem to be nowhere. Including the external injuries. God you’re more worthy Jehovah. My interceptor, my intercessor. The great phyiscian, indeed you’re great. To God be the glory my mum is back and strong.a�?


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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