Actress, Ireti Doyle Pours Encomium on Actress, Adesua Etomi

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Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, is currently emotional seeing her baby girl, Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi, getting wed.

The actress while pouring encomium on Adesua stated that the actress is one of many whom she can recommend as a role model for her 13year old daughter.

According to Ireti, “Were I asked to choose a role model for my 13 year old daughter…you would be amongst the very select few. There is no such thing as a totally flawless person, yet you have carried yourself with grace, dignity and a certain “awareness” that many (regardless of age) are yet to master. Were I asked to describe you in one word it would be #clean . Well done my Lady… @bankywellington is lucky to have found you. @adesuaetomi …one day imma sit you down and tell you exactly how I feel about you …but in the main time let’s go get you wed!!! (Is that oyinbo even correct???) Who cares!!! And oh…when today’s celebration is over, I shall go home and sleep wella; resting assured in the knowledge that the Lord God Almighty who has brought you thus far, has got both of you in the palm of His hands and @bankywellington has got you in his. It shall continue to be well with you and all that you do…congratulations my darling.”


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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