Actress, Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel Looking Cool with her Nose Ring

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Come to think of it o, what fashion outfit or luxury can a man wear to make him look different whenever he steps out because some females are really killing it these days?

For some time now, fans have seen some of their favourite female celebs rocking various designs like getting a new tattoo to wearing leg chain, nose ring, etc.

Although, these things are not new among celebrities but they are new to those celebs that were not dressing that way like Nollywood actress, Naomi Nkechi Emmanuel.

The actress recently stepped out for the Vanguard Personality of the Year awards and she was looking stunning and cool with her latest fashion luxury which is a nose ring.

Anyway, she has always been herself and never faking her personality so she is good just the way she is but never forget that there are lots of fashion Police around who will criticize her.

Source: The Nigerian Voice