Actress, Shan George Returns Ill Mother Home After 6years in Hospital

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Hmm, Nollywood actress, Shan George is really a strong lady who has been fighting a lonely fight secretly without anybody knowing as she keeps putting on a smiling face.

The actress has got many talking and praying for her as she recently revealed that her mother has been bedridden at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for six years.

She disclosed that she has been there since 2011 and has done series of test yet to no avail as she is still on her wheelchair.

With tears of being the only child struggling to keep her mother alive, she stated that it has not been easy for her as some people helped her in the struggle while some she even went on her knees to beg turned her down.

“This is the UCTH (university of calabar teaching hospital) where my aged ill bedridden mother has been, She is getting discharged today. Since 2011 she has been bedridden and done series of surgeries. Well, She is still in a wheelchair but we are going home. As her only child it’s been very tough in the past 6yrs. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family members who have helped over the years. And thank you to those who refused to help even when I came kneeling, crying and begging for their help. You made me stronger and more dependent on God. God bless our Parents,” she shared.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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