African Governments Must Put In Place Measures To Tackle Violence Against Children

The African Youth for Development Commission (AYDEC) Nigeria has called on the African Union (AU) and its member states to step up strategic measures towards curbing the increasing rate of violence against children.

AYDEC Country Representative, Lateef Oladimeji Salaam, made the call while delivering a speech to commemorate the 2018 Africa Youth Day.

Salaam identified violence against children as activities which range from trafficking, child labour, sexual exploitation, incessant rape, child drug trades, child terrorism, and all forms of ill-productive acts.

He stressed that violence against children had cost the world so much, and urged government to create a conducive environment for children.

Salaam said: “We wish to reiterate that child labour is perilous and a societal menace too much to be condoned. We frown at this retardive act which has cost the world lots of misfortunes. Our children should be given the enabling and conducive environment to be educated. It’s a core prerequisite to labour. Child labour during or prior to education is an abysmal misnomer and an obvious disorder which should be condemned by all.

“Ultimately, all youth have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse. Yet, millions of children worldwide from all socio-economic backgrounds, across all ages, religions and cultures suffer violence, exploitation and abuse every day.”

The AYDEC Country representative also urged all African youth to commemorate the significance and essence of the Africa Youth Day in their day-to-day activities, with all sense of responsibility.

Salaam also maintained that to correct the woes of corruption across sectors of the country, the youth “must rise and raise their voices against the odds”.

He, however, implored youth not to despair in spite of the predicaments and societal challenges they face, especially in the light of the economic hardship, socio-cultural menace and poor educational contents and facilities in most African countries today.

“We believe that our teeming youth should take this unique day beyond the celebration and commemoration. We need to empower our existence as the youngest continent by liberating the youth and preparing the closest future for sustainable development,” Salaam said.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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