Again! Blackface blasts 2face Idibia, calls him a lazy artist, accuses him of all sorts of things

blackface blasts 2face idibia

When we thought we’ve heard the last of Blackface, he serves us with some drama on his Instagram account by digging up old rift between him and his former group mate, 2face.

The drama started when a user, @emperormas tweeted that 2face has been singing about Blackface in all his songs. Blackface who quite agreed with this called out 2face and accused him of a number of things. He claims 2face would never be this big had he not used songs written by him.

He went on to accuse Tuface of taking his songs without his permission, calling him a “tufaced being” a “lazy artist”.

He also brought up the issue of the protest which Tuface had planned to support earlier in the year. Blackface, in his rant, accused Tuface of carrying out the protest for selfish reasons, with the ultimate aim of lining his pocket.

See what he wrote below;

Now for the record #2faceidibia if I didn’t work with you @official2baba in #plantashunboiz and asked you sing one of the quickest song I ever I wrote #africanqueen you wouldn’t have had a #bighit as it is termed and next to that is my song #letsomebodyloveyou you sang without my permission and your manager @efeomorogbe published it illegally which we will get to the bottom of…its been me all the time giving you sleepiness nights as you know am a hard knock to crack,all i did was help you you tufaced being…

off the artists i worked with why I have a problem with only you?because you’re a lazy artist despite all your gifts and when you found out I was making new artists famous and i was improving vocally you got jealous and planned the industry to sabotage me and you kept making music about it like one of ur lines said “dem never know wetin wan hit dem them” wan follow them” because you and your #creepyagents planned it all..and you said so much in many of ur other songs…

the truth is you’re the one filled with hate and envy…and you know it..that’s why I named you #2face OK. what’s the name of that club you guys had the meeting again?you killed plantashun boiz because of your tuface nature and same way you wanted doing a protest for your pocket and it was wrong timing..I saved you cause you for dey for jail but you never grateful but pained over someone growing and development hence una plan make dem no gimme show…well 8years of sabotage and am still here and am still inspiring you and for that even if you hate me you should still be thankful to me still….

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)