'Alien: Covenant' Virtual Reality Experience Unveiled

It’s the newest VR projection from Ridley Scott and Fox.

Alien: Covenant In Utero, based on Ridley Scott’s upcoming Fox release, will be available April 26 for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

The project was a collaboration between FoxNext, the immersive entertainment unit of Fox, Ridley Scott’s RSA VR, Technicolor’s MPC VR, and tech firm AMD.

Produced by Scott and directed by David Karlak, Alien: Covenant in Utero is described as a “360-degree virtual reality journey into a living nightmare that offers a terrifyingly close and personal encounter as an alien neomorph at the time of its birth. Fans will be able to experience the world around them and relive the very first memories of the neomorph in an immersive environment.”

Said Scott in a statement: “With the In Utero experience, audience participation is taken to a whole new level. You get to be a neomorph, exploring what’s happening around you and within you.”

MPC is also a VFX studio on the movie, which opens May 10. The VR experience was in production simultaneously, using assets for the film as well as new motion capture work done at the Technicolor Experience Center.

Fox previously teamed with Scott and his company on The Martian VR Experience, based on his film The Martian.

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