Always thinking of sex? You’re an addict, study says

A recent study from the University of Cambridge has warned that if you are always thinking about sex, then you are a sex addict; while your addiction is comparable to that of someone addicted to drug.

The study shows that brain activity in people addicted to sex — also known as nymphomania — mirrors that of drug addiction.

One of the study leaders, Dr. Voon, explains: “The seemingly endless supply of novel sexual images available online supplies addictions, making it more and more difficult to escape.”

Research suggests that the sexual urges are as intense as drug addiction

While research shows just how much sex urges could take over people’s lives, studies into the number of people affected by sex addiction is still new.

Meanwhile, an expert has said that the frequent urge to have sex is comparable to drug addiction.

British author and sexologist, Rebecca Dakin, says such nymphomaniac urge can have negative impacts on relationships.

She warns that addiction to sex can cause cracks in relationships, as a partner may feel like he pr she is being used for sex.

Experts define sex addiction as any sexual activity that feels “out of control.”

“This may be the repeated urge to have sex, masturbate, watch pornography or use explicit chat lines,” Dakin says.
She notes that although sex addiction is yet to be medically defined, experts believe that sufferers are unable to control their actions and urges.

The rise of internet pornography means that people are becoming addicted to sex at a younger age, experts lament.

And since sex addiction is not a medically recognised condition, diagnosis can be difficult to make, experts warn.

Many medical experts believe that sufferers can’t resist their urges, which may result to them cheating and seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

“In extreme cases of sex addiction, people want to have sex multiple times a day and are constantly thinking about it.

“They could just be walking down the street and get a sudden urge and then will have to find the nearest bathroom just so they can relieve themselves. It can take over your life,” she submits.

Dakin believes that people in relationships with sex addicts may feel objectified by their partners’ constant urges.

Symptoms of sex addiction

And just in case you want to know whether or not you are addicted to sex, these are the symptoms to watch out for:

  • Maintaining a large number of relationships.
  • Regularly changing sex partners.
  • Dependence on pornographic movies, magazines, websites, etc.
  • Practising of risky sex.
  • Practising of phone or cyber sex.
  • Prostitution or paying for sex.
  • Exhibitionism — that is, a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of your genitals.
  • Voyeurism– that is, deriving sexual pleasure by secretly watching other people have sex.

Source: punch