Dear Saraki,
I never wanted to write this letter, but due to the happenings in and

out of the Senate and the dangerous signals emanating from your actions

or inactions, I feel it’s my duty to put in a few words and maybe my

efforts would make you see reasons to back down and let peace reign.

I still remember when you came to Kebbi, just after the general

elections and during an interview with the press you said “I am

contesting the presidency of the Senate to give hope to Nigerians who

have for a long time been deprived of quality leadership. Ours will be a

Senate with a difference, with focus on National development, and a

listening ear to the yearnings of Nigerians” l can still recollect

your posture, the smile and the goodwill with which you were received

by the people of Kebbi who placed so much trust and confidence on you

to chart the course of history and earn a place as the Senate

President, who assisted in bringing succor to the people.. But alas!!!

This dream of a better Nigeria died the very day you decided to

hearken to wrong advise and kidnapped reasoning by hijacking the

leadership of the Senate contrary to earlier agreements within your

party, the APC. That day was the day you set your camp against the

larger Nigerian interest, protecting the interest of only those who

spent the better parts of their lives milking the country dry,

bleeding the blotted blood of the long suffering people of this

Sir, that was the day you put personal interest above patriotism and

national interest. You became a demi -god, with a retinue of

followers, who kept misleading you, telling you that you are bigger

and stronger than Nigeria and Nigerians.
Dear, Saraki, because you choose to listen to them, you gave room for

other interests to creep in, highjacking the revolution Nigerians

struggled for, died for and even faced the full wrath of Boko Haram to

make possible. The third columnists then took over the Senate,

rubbishing all efforts by the President to make life better for the

masses. It started with stealing the 2016 budget, then padding and

eventually it graduated to open disdain for all bills, appointments

and ideas sent to the Senate by PMB. This disdain became so visible

with your open refusal to confirm MAGU as chairman of EFCC, even

though he has been able to perform so exceptionally well, and

recovered stolen loot from those who stole from our national treasury,

including serving senators.
Secondly, you decided to take on Hameed Ali of the customs just

because he refused to play ball as usual. You wanted your pound of

flesh from him for daring to demand customs duty from you.

Olubukola, why did you allow them to push you so far, and now you are

at wits end?
Sir, we all know the legacy left behind by your late father. He was a

gentleman, who was revered and respected all over the country. He was

an icon of righteousness, a politician in the true sense, a man who

never wanted to do anything that could harm his people. We all thought

you’d take after him, but we should have known after all look what you

did to him and your blood sister. You rode on his coat tails and then

when you as a good Muslim should have respected him, you pushed him

out of the party, disgraced him and finally killed him. I hope you

know that we all know his blood is on your hands. Alas. you became the

prodigal son who is trying to burn down the house just to spite the

Your actions have brought so much sufferings on the people

who look up to you. You’re now the albatross of our democracy, our

hopes and dreams of a better Nigeria. You have Truly discarded the

regalia of honour, integrity and compassion sown by your father, and

in the process you’ve allowed the enemies of the Nigerian state to be

prominent in charting out a tragic melody for the infamous drama that

is now unfolding. Yours is a tragic movie in the making, and sure

enough it is likely to put you on the wrong side of history forever.

Dear Saraki. I have so much to say, but I guess this part of my

letter, which will run in five parts will have to end here. The part

two will come your way tomorrow, but I hope before then you’d have a

rethink, and do the needful now.
I have said it, you can summon me, you can suspend me, you can arrest

I am Usman Mohammed
07060815443. ([email protected]).
IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (opinions)