'Aquaman' Shows Off Imaginative Concept Art at CinemaCon

James Wan debuted the first look at the film, which will soon begin shooting.

The first look at Aquaman swum into CinemaCon on Wednesday. 

It wasn’t footage, as Aquaman is not yet shooting, but star Jason Momoa showed up for a quick introduction. (He’s flying to Australia on Wednesday night to begin shooting.) He said he’s seen Justice League, and called it “the greatest movie ever made.” 

Then Momoa introduced a video with director James Wan appearing show off a concept art sizzle reel.

For the film, he envisioned an outer space battle with weird ships.

“It’s not until the ships get so close to you realize that’s not a spaceship. That’s a human riding a shark!”

There’s plenty of Aquaman fighting, both underwater and above the ground. There’s also a look at the villain Black Manta. At one point, Aquaman is shown tied up under water as though he’s on trial or answering for a crime. 

“You get to see a whole different world you’ve never seen before,” said Wan. “Jason Momoa is larger than life and he is the perfect embodiment.”

Amber Heard is also starring as Mera, Aquaman’s royal love interest; Willem Dafoe is playing Aquaman’s advisor, scientist Dr. Vulko; and Patrick Wilson will play Orm, a villain who is also Aquaman’s half-brother. 

The DC/Warner Bros. film opens Dec. 21, 2018. 

Momoa will appear as Aquaman in November’s Justice League.