'Atomic Blonde': Charlize Theron Having "Fourth Root Canal" After Cracking Teeth On Set

Theron shared the gritty details at CinemaCon.

Charlize Theron brought Atomic Blonde to CinemaCon — even as she’s still getting over the damage from the film’s stunts. 

Theron stars as an undercover MI6 agent, who’s operating during the Cold War. The film is from John Wick filmmaker David Leitch, who is set to helm the upcoming Deadpool 2. It also stars The Mummy‘s Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, John Goodman and Toby Jones.

Theron’s journey started when her production company was sent an unpublished graphic novel five years ago and it grabbed her attention.

“She’s a bitch,” Theron deadpanned when asked to describe her character.

Leitch spoke about the fight-fest that includes long uncut scenes, saying it’s not for everyone — it requires an actor who doesn’t mind getting beat up and even cracking her teeth.

“I’m going in for my fourth root canal tomorrow. Thanks David,” said Theron.

They showed a new look at the film, which included Theron’s character beating someone up with her shoe and plenty from McAvoy providing some comic relief (and looking cool doing it).

The film is set as Theron’s character is called in to Berlin five days before the Berlin Wall falls, and she joins a colorful world where spies have gone rogue.

Atomic Blonde is set for a July 28 release.