Awaiting 'The Last Jedi' Trailer: In This Case, Less Will Be More

When the ‘Star Wars’ teaser drops Friday, Luke better speak, but let’s keep Kylo Ren helmeted.

The wait is almost over.

The first Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser is expected to debut Friday morning at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando (and if it doesn’t, millions of fan voices will surely cry out in terror).

Ahead of the release, Heat Vision‘s Aaron Couch, Graeme McMillan and Ryan Parker — are weighing in on what they want to see, and what needs to be held back.

Graeme McMillan: The more I think about it, the more I realize that what I really want out of The Last Jedi trailer is just to see everyone again. Star Wars is very strange in that way — it’s one of the few things, for me at least, where just the prospect of seeing even the new characters like Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron again feels legitimately exciting. (A sign, I guess, that J.J. Abrams did his job right with The Force Awakens a couple of years ago.) I will say this, though: If the first line of dialogue in the trailer isn’t Mark Hamill giving us Luke’s first dialogue in 30 years, I’m going to be upset enough to feel embarrassed about it. What are you waiting for?

Ryan Parker: I, too, just want to see everyone in a new adventure, but, with that said, I almost feel like the less we see of some characters, the better. At this point, I do not want to see Kylo Ren much, and absolutely not without the helmet. Why? Now that the character has sustained some actual physical damage, I would rather wonder what he looks like under there. Let’s have some intrigue. I also hope he we don’t see Luke fight, but rather just see him turning on his lightsaber, readying for battle. I want to enjoy all the gloriousness of Luke in a fight when I see the entire flick. 

Aaron Couch: I do want a tiny, tiny hint of what this story is. Rian Johnson has hinted at some interesting influences — and one that particularly interests me is Twelve O’Clock High, about the psychological toll sustained warfare had on WWII pilots. Could this actually be even more of a war movie than Rogue One? So yes, I want to see pilots struggling. I’m reminded, The Force Awakens had the best trailer campaign I can think of. Ever.  Each release slowly built to a crescendo without revealing too much, but still pulling on our heart strings. What can they learn from that?

McMillan: Thinking back to the initial trailers for The Force Awakens, I remember the way in which they worked so hard to feel like “old” Star Wars. The Last Jedi doesn’t have to do that, because the audience has already accepted the new status quo. I think I want to see something different — or, at least, a suggestion of something different in the actual movie.

Parker: I couldn’t agree more. As someone who was brought to tears when Han and Chewie were shown in the Force Awakens trailer for the first time, I want a heavy dose of new; new ships, new characters, new places. Of course, our heroes will be there, but wow us with the excitement of a new adventure, not so much “Here we go again…” 

Couch: Ryan, I couldn’t have articulated that before, but that’s exactly right. We don’t want or need “Here we go again…” This is Star Wars, so it has to seem familiar, but what if they took a cue from another Disney property and really defied expectations like the Thor: Ragnarok trailer

McMillan: It would be hilarious if the first Last Jedi trailer was just a recreation of The Empire Strikes Back theatrical trailer from 1980:

[embedded content]

Who doesn’t want to hear an excited announcer describe it as “an epic of romance” while Oscar Isaac and John Boyega point fingers at each other? Sure, it would be trolling the audience, but what a wonderful way to do it. And if Celebration Orlando isn’t the perfect place to do it, I don’t know where is.

SOURCE: Hollywood