Badly Burned Kitten Renamed Hugh Jackman To Honor Wolverine-Like Recovery

“When you meet this guy, you can’t help but fall in love.”

A kitten in New York appears to have a mutant-like healing ability, specifically similar that of Wolverine. 

The severely burned male feline, estimated to be less than six months old, was found about three weeks ago with burns over half his body and four teeth missing, the New York Daily News reports

Since that time, the kitten has healed far faster than expected, prompting the staff at Animal Care Centers of NYC to name the little fella Hugh Jackman, after the iconic Wolverine actor, most recently starring in Logan.

“He’s incredibly resilient,” treating vet Dr. Tara Bellis told the Daily News. “You could call him a superhero cat.” 

Vet staff are not sure how Hugh suffered such bad injuries. His burns continue to heal, and he has appears to have no long lasting hearing or vision problems, the Daily News reports

Once Hugh has healed enough, he will be fostered by a vet staff member then go up for adoption. About $20,000 from donations have been used to save the kitten, according to the Daily News

“This is a special case that we didn’t have the budget for,” Katy Hansen, a spokeswoman for Animal Care Centers of NYC, told the Daily News. “But when you meet this guy, you can’t help but fall in love.”

SOURCE: Hollywood