Battery of lies by the alleged  impersonator from the Sudan

How time flies! In the build-up to the last general elections which took place in 2015 AD in Africa's biggest democracy south of the Sahara many political promises rent the air by the various contenders to Nigeria's seat of power on the planned transformation of Nigeria. Nigerians would recall while demonizing their predecessors the self-styled game-changers-turned predators promised rapid transformation of Nigeria, a country whose resources were allegedly plundered by the former ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

Prior to their bogus and airy promises which some Nigerians fell for at the time things were much better as the former ruling party had every situation under control. Business flourished resulting from micro and macro economic stability. The US dollar was stable and exchanged for much less.

After a rebasing of our nominal GDP we emerged the largest economy on the continent which dissenting voices in the opposition camp disputed. As luck would have it their argument did not hold water as Nigeria's emergence as Africa's economic power house came to stay – an enviable position which she maintains to this day, thanks to the economic wizards that managed our resources at the time.

A certain former state governor amid other bogus promises did expressly say the only antidote to Nigeria's erratic and epileptic power supply is to vote out the Peoples Democratic Party while promising sweeping reforms that would make the status quo ante a thing of the past.

Their then principal who later emerged president – the product of a fraudulent electoral process promised to make the Naira – Nigeria's monetary unit – equal in value to the US dollar. As of March 2014 the Nigerian Naira exvhanged for 164 to the US dollar while the euro exchanged for N180. Fortunately or unfortunately what we have on the ground today is nothing but a sad reminder of our foolishness which amounts to throwing away the baby with the bath water. The Naira exchanges for N360 today while the euro exchanges for a whooping N400!

The man at the helm did also promise to address Nigeria's security challenges in the face of an agonizing bloody insurgency ravaging the country's northeast but he has again failed in that regard as attacks continue with undiminished intensity. Many military barracks in the region have been sacked and scores of our soldiers killed by the superior firepower of the insurgents. Three and half years on now no end in sight to the bloody insurgency.

On the economic front there is absolutely nothing to suggest we are on the path to redemption nor is there anything to show we are on the path to recovery as the vocal voices of reason are increasingly being challenged and silenced by the collective voices of a criminal cabal which redounds negatively on the citizenry. Over 9 millions jobs have been lost in the past three and half years thereby fuelling the propensity for crime particularly violent ones.

This cutting rejoinder is deemed absolutely necessary to debunk Buhari's claim on the VANGUARD published on December 29, 2018 that he has delivered on his political promises and therefore suing for tenure elongation. In fact there can be no other better moment to correct this terminological inexacttitudes as the country moves closer to another general elections.

This is a government which was founded on lies and deceit since its inception and being nurtured by hydra-headed lies.

Be that as it may the power to reshape our future lies in our hands by joining forces with the true progressives to resist the antics and battery of lies emanating from the alleged impersonator from the Sudan.

There is a compelling need to change boats under the existing circumstances since the game-changers have failed us spectacularly. Nigerians must not make light of the expanding terror network with its attendant demographic effects as many Nigerians have been ruthlessly sent to their untimely graves with more lives on the line.

Like I did say in my previous piece it is none other than Hamza Al-Mustapha's presidency that can revitalize the obviously decadent paralysis if the truth must be told without fear or favour.

Iyoha John Darlington is the Edo State governorship candidate designate of Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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