#BBNaija: Bisola and Debie-Rise almost came to blows, Debie called her a lunatic & told her to shut up (full video)

So, today there was a war of words between Bisola and Debie-Rise after the latter changed the rules. Bisola made it clear that she doesn’t care if people think she aggressive as she’s going to speak her mind.

Today, Biggie told the housemates their task was to create a game tournament and they’ve been busy with it all day. The game started, and Debie pushed for a change in the rules, which Bisola immediately opposed.

Debie-Rise, the calm, meek and introverted housemate went ballistic and trust that, we didn’t see it coming. This is the second time both housemates are getting in an altercation. They spared no words the first time and it wasn’t different this time as well.

Debie walked past Bisola and told her to “keep shut“! Of course, Bisola would not take that bullshit so she retorted and rounded up by telling Debie to “close her fucking ears and be bloody deaf“…

Debie then called Bisola mad…. and oh well… Watch the full video below: (press play):

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)