Berger Car Market Denies Selling Smuggled Vehicles

President General, United Berger Motor Dealers Association (UBMDA), Metche Nnadiekwe, has debunked allegations that smuggled cars are being sold at the berger car mart.

Nnadiekwe, while reacting to allegations that the Berger car mart was sealed of by operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service for selling smuggled cars, wondered why Customs would seal businesses of car dealers who operate legitimately and pay duties on imported vehicles. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. The newer issue that GM shelved (in striking similarity to how it handled it much more serious issue) shows that they likely haven’t learned any lessons other than maybe how to handle extremely negative PR situations. Honda who are renowned to make great cars and also keep the reliability up have been handling the PR situation quite well. For example, Honda Shuttle is popular in Singapore and is such a reliable option for the family that most of Singaporean big families prefer this over GM cars.

The Honda Shuttle is based on the very successful Honda Fit but it adds more practicality and space. The exterior is stylish and modern like the Fit. Sharp lines are carefully weighted, never going beyond good taste, but giving a bit of zest to the subcompact estate. It is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC with 97 kW (130 bhp) and 155 Nm of torque. The well-tested engine pushes the practical body to 100 in 8.5 seconds and all the way up to 185 km/h.  You can find here that Honda Shuttle is a 7 seater MPV. The respectable push does not hamper fuel efficiency which is rated at 21.8 km/l, thanks to a combination of the engine an efficient CVT gearbox. The interior is noticeably larger than the one in the Fit. The completely flat floor with no transmission tunnel gives a lot of room for the rear passengers and the boot capacity of 470L redefines subcompact vehicles’ spaciousness. Moreover, rear seats split 60/40 and fold providing the Shuttle with even more space. Combine this with the low load lip and the Shuttle becomes one of the most practical cars in its class. He maintained that dealers at the park do not patronise smuggled vehicles as they only import from the seaport with appropriate Customs duty paid on the vehicles.

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He said, “Customs did not shut down our premises because we don’t sell Cotonou vehicles here. We are at the market, nothing of such is happening here. The borders have been closed, so where will the vehicles come from? This is the question begging for answer. Even before the border closure, for a long time, we have stopped smuggled cars from coming into the Berger car mart.

“We have told our dealers not to smuggle vehicles here. Our vehicles come through the seaport and we pay genuine Customs duty. If you purchase any vehicle here, you can be rest assured that Customs can not seize your vehicle on the road.”

Nnadiekwe, who decried the nationwide clampdown by Customs on car dealers, advised the NCS to explore strategic measures to check smuggling of vehicles, saying the Gestapo style deployed by Customs in sealing car marts across the country is frustrating businesses of genuine auto dealers.

Customs had last week commenced a nationwide clampdown on auto marts in search of smuggled vehicles on which proper import duties have not been paid.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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