Beyond Relationship

Where lies the end
Smoothly and roughly it flows
The end of which is bend
How vast the pain it glows
It’s humbly aglow with joy
As the two embrace the novelty
What the world cannot destroy
Expressed in bed with rose of honesty
Phone becomes a handbag
Always a vogue for the neophyte
With less remorse for last card
And ever prepared for goodnight
How long can that last
After what becomes the next
The lady becomes a bush rat
Always in search for a smooth nest
Some ladies are left afloat
Timeless till old
But bewildered as goat
What a homeless as owl
Who then becomes a foam
As the muted ones are more silenced
And the pretty ones have now eloped
Beyond the ring now appears a fence
Annihilation of number
What a speedy deletion
Who can see beyond the matter
A recourse bemoaned amidst retention
Beyond the rosary bed
The vision is meant for future
He who grasps the blend
Is quick to make forfeiture
About the Poet:
Izunna I. Okafor is an award winning creative young Nigerian Writer, blogger, essayist, poet and Igbo Language activist who hails from Anambra State. He is a 300 level student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University who has written and published many books – novels poems, short stories and articles both in hard and soft copies. He writes in both the English and Igbo Languages and has also published in both languages.

His published novels include: Ikem’s Adventure; The Curse of a Widow; The Faithful Children; Ajo Enyi.

Izunna has won and been nominated for various writers Awards including The Nigerian Writers Award/Indigenous Writer of The Year 2015/2016; SYNW/Pita Nwana Prize For Igbo Literature 2015; Nigeria Heritage Icon Award/Youth Writer of the Year 2016; N.Y.S.C. Essay Competition 2012; SLAM Youth Hero Award/ Innovative Youth of the Year 2016; AEYCA/Outstanding Youth of the Year 2016; Youth Writer of the Year 2016; The Future Award Africa/Prize for Education 2016, among others. He belongs to various writers groups and associations. He is the Anambra state Coordinator of the Society of Young Nigerian Writer as well as the Ambassador of Read Across Nigeria in Anambra State.

SOURCE: The Nigerian Voice (local news)