Bisi Alimi slams Nigerians voting for #BBNaija housemates

Nigerian Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi has weighed in on the ongoing campaign for votes for the remaining Top 5 BBNaija Housemates, and below is what he said:

So Nigerians that hardly have money are buying data to vote for people in big brother’s house.

The money being spent will go into the pockets of the producer of the show that is based in South Africa.

The winner will come out and say thank you, but light will not be available, schools will still be awful, politicians will still chop your money and hospital will still be underfunded.

If only Nigerians can mobilize for political issues like they are mobilising for BBnaija, maybe the country will get good politicians that understand peoples’ power and deliever.

But no, Nigeria is a country where we leave the disease and spend time curing the symptoms.

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)