Bret Easton Ellis Says He Was Called a "Trump Apologist" While Leaving L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel

Bret Easton Ellis Says He Was Called a

Bret Easton Ellis Says He Was Called a

After attending a Hollywood dinner, ‘American Psycho’ writer tweeted he “wasn’t having political discussions anymore” because they cause “too much insanity.”

Writer Bret Easton Ellis says he was called a “Trump apologist” and accused of colluding with Russia while leaving the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Ellis — who has been open about his thoughts on Hollywood liberals who continue to denounce Trump and not accept his presidency — also questioned whether the left is “nuts” on Twitter.

The American Psycho writer says political discussions are “ruining” his dinner. He posted on Twitter that he was yelled at and called a “Trump apologist” recently.

“Defending the American voter I’m yelled at in Sunset Tower for being a Trump apologist and colluding with Russia. Is the Left fucking NUTS?” Ellis tweeted on Saturday night.

Prior to tweeting about his encounter, he shared that he was at “another dinner with the Hollywood liberal establishment defending HRC, fake news, intersectionality, identity politics, PC virtue signaling.”

The American Psycho writer has been candid about his thoughts on Trump’s presidency has affected his life in the past. One of his podcasts featured a monologue on his podcast where he said that “childish meltdowns” from liberals are affecting his dinners. 

“You can dislike the fact that Trump was elected, yes, definitely, and yet still understand and accept ultimately that he was elected this time around. Or you can have a complete mental and emotional collapse and let the Trump presidency define you, which I think is absurd,” said Ellis on one of his podcasts.

In February, Ellis told the Irish Examiner he didn’t vote for Trump, but added: “I’m just saying the hysteria is bothering me a lot more than the reality of what he’s doing.”

Last year, Ellis shared on social media an observation on the amount of people that were Trump supporters. He posted that while having dinner with friends and a couple he was surprised to find out that majority of the table were Trump supporters.

A request for comment from Ellis was not immediately returned.


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