On first watching the two minutes video, that went frenzy in the internet, it didn’t occur to me that the man in the room with two girls was not Bukar Abba Ibrahim that was a three term Governor of Yobe State and a husband of two women that include the present Minister of State in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

But his admittance sendt shivers down my spine for the fact that it iwas nemesis catching up with him. Remember his antecedent as a former Governor of a state, that introduced sharia law in the state.

It is now clear from the indiscretion of the former Governor, that his introduction of sharia was a smokescreen and a way to gain popularity and not genuinely practicing what was enshrined in sharia. This is because the kind of indiscretion as shown in the video where the former Governor now a Senator was seen covering his nakedness in front of two women that are evidently not his wives. This deplorable act is worrisome,not only to his immidate family but to his religeous community and the public. How can a personality like the former Governor Bukar Abba Ibrahim descend so low?

It is even more annoying, that instead of him showing remorse and repentant over what has happened, he decided to be in denial of his morality by building up a flimsy defence that it was an act between adults. Is he indicating to his children, that what he did is not wrong? Is he giving his children a moral code that it is alright to go to a hotel and sleep with any adult even if he or she is not your wife or husband? Hsa he by his arguement licencesed his wives to go to hotels and sleep with any male adult?

He is supposed to be basking in shame over what he did which was shown to the world via the internet. As a Muslim who introduced while he was the Governor of his state few years ago is this what his box of morality contains? Investigation or no investigation, as far as he has admitted that he is the person in the video with the two women, he has fallen from grace to grass.. It is disgraceful as a practicing Muslim, it is “Haram” and there is a prescribed punishment for that based on sharia. He ought to seek for the forgiveness of his creator for what he has done as a married man and a father to grown up children, including sons-in-law. What a big shame he has brought to his entire family and his senatorial district.

He need to realise the fundamental fact that the repercussions of his action is of grave conscequence. Dancing the tune of fantasy music of knowing his rights and excercising them cannot take him anywhere. He should look at the shame, that he has brought to his legitimate wives and realise that what he did was totally against Islamic faith. As a Muslim, it is appropriate for him to seek for forgiveness from Allah. The indiscretion of lawmakers especially those from the northern part of Nigeria is a source of concern. They should know, that whatever that has a begining, will surely have an end. Their lives are not in their hands as such, they must be conscious of the fact that one day, they will account for their deeds.

Usman Santuraki
No2 Santuraki Close
Jambutu, Jimeta-Yola
[email protected]


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)


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