The present trend of political atmosphere in the State towards 2019, now give hope and encourage participation of decent individuals that will want to contribute their quota to the development of the State through their service. The fact remains that people participate in politics in different ways, and for different reasons with varying degrees of emotional involvement, and at different levels of the system.
In Kwara, Politics is gradually graduating to the level that decent individuals that would love to contribute their quota and services to the development of the state now have opportunity to attain any desired position without passing through the status quo of the present hegemony- 2017 Local Governments Election is an obvious incident to ratify that as the build up to 2019 Elections gathers momentum.
The upsurge in opinions by activists, politicians and advocates birthed my treatise,in other to air my view and pronounce the candidate with the closest characteristics and qualities for the replacement of Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed at the Government House, without undue prejudice to the other candidates warming up to lodge inside in the epic race.
While many struggle for appointments and positions, very few people know what to do with “opportunities” when bestowed on them. There is no better time than now to pledge a solidarity to the “RIGHT MAN COMING AT THE RIGHT TIME”. Many times in history, people have voted out people they didn’t want and ended up with people they didn’t need.
Kwara State deserves a new dawn – a government with paradigm of merit driven as a way to make a break with the unproductive past and set the feet firm on the path of progress. The need for change in the administration of the state is imminent and this change will effect come 2019. A good dream I may say, which is a crucial inner resources for Leaders. Great businesses, great governments, great ideas, and great accomplishments usually originate in an individual’s deepest aspirations. It is in pursuant of this,that Alhaji Lukaman Mustapha stands as a “Right man at the right time” – A man with manifest devotion to Kwarans of all social status and deeply committed to service to humanity.
It is clearly evident that the politics of 2019 will be solemnly based on personality and credibility; only those with the intellectual and leadership abilities to lead the fundamental developments and transform it will be sellable to the electorates. Hence, there is no gainsaying the fact that a “new brain” outside the existing complacent political elites in the state will be most suitable to change the non benefitting status quo, so as to avoid presage further. As the speculations steeps, the attributes of Lukman Mustapha can’t be overemphasized, the kernel of which I stated thus:

Mustapha Lukman is a sanguine homeboy who is not only acquainted with the peculiarities of the state, but also keen to elude it with his in-depth sight of nooks and crannies of the state. He is a reformist personality; A financial expert; A career banker;A� A philanthropist, A businessman with track of records, dogged and ebullient; adept lover of entrepreneurship; astute game changer with impeccable character, which has been tested and ratified in the private sector. His integrity and rarity elevated him to the position of Regional Head, Abuja and North at his working place an aggrandisement that deserve much trust and proper scrutiny before it can be attained. His pedigree and antecedent has earned him respect and honours from friends and family; far and near, and his articulated philanthropic gestures has not only ameliorate the lives he touched, but also contributes to the development of the state. His passion, conviction and commitment were certainly infectious!

When we consider principles that constitute the architecture of good governance such as participation, consensus, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusiveness, as well as rule of law, the situation in Kwara is quite disturbing and far from standards. It is truism that Mustapha Lukman is a new face in the gubernatorial race but he is not new to politics, he has been a card carrying member of the PDP since 2011 and a major contributor of the party in Kwara state since the nPDP members, whom are the status quo left the party. His aspiration will bring him into the race as an untainted candidate who has the wherewithal to rebuild the state in a new dimension with his entrepreneurial experience, managerial competence and leadership skills. As a technocrat whilst intelligentsia, he knows the intricacies of governances, and willing to submit himself to the assignment of governing Kwara State by dint of hard work. Such tendency, is not only a blessing but a beginning to acme for the state. He has the capacity to manage and re-tool the murky political waters of the state.

Undoubtedly, Kwara is a state rich with abundance of human, capital and natural resources, and promise, but have been unfortunate with leadership. Lukman Mustapha is known with watchword of “Rebirth”, so much that his brainchild wave-making SOBI 101.9 FM was birthed out of his passion for “Social rebirth” in Kwara State.
Today, the radio station is not only redefining broadcasting in the state, it is arguably the biggest thing to happen to journalism with their operational technicalities in the state. It is one thing to identify a problem, but another to be able to proffer, initiate and execute the solution to the problem. An obvious reason why Lukman Mustapha is the right man at the right time to rebirth the state in generality.
He reiterated his commitment in his new year message, where he said “While looking forward to a better Kwara and Nigeria, we must commit ourselves to social, economical and political reinvention, we must break from the norms in a socially responsible and economically productive manner. A social reinvention process where our youths will again appreciate our values of decency, morality and hardwork. An economic reinvention where there would be an enabling atmosphere and willing people to drive economic activities for the prosperity of all, and political reinvention where the people in whom power ultimately resides are accorded that honour by the citizenry, while they also reciprocate by placing the people first. I urge all Kwara sons and daughters,to come back home and invest,we cannot continue to rely on government for all our needs. The best way to tackle our astronomically high unemployment rate is to collectively industrialise Kwara”. He said further that “On the part of government, I charge them to rededicate their efforts towards masses oriented policies and programmes at various levels and that is the only way to reinvent Kwara of yore”.

Youth have therefore, historically been notable change agents and drivers of societal transformations, world over. For the youths to be harnessed however, a leader must, therefore, reconnect with them, empower them, mentor them responsibly, give them responsible leadership roles and enable them become the key change agents for stability, unity, progress and development another impinge seen on Lukman Mustapha dynamism.
His passion for entrepreneurial development and political advocacy for the youth has been the primary reason for his contributions on youths programmes both personally and corporately. He practically did that with SOBI FM.
The workforce of the radio station is mainly youths of young age, intellectuals and charismatic in their various profession. The allotment of a glory to the station, and an obvious triumphant in broadcasting process.
Succinctly, it is safe to say that Lukman Mustapha is an outstanding strategist who won’t complain of a problem only, but also proffer and execute the solution to such problem. He posses such innate abilities.
I believe with his skills in negotiating partnerships and alliances coupled with his abilities to forecast trends and capture opportunities, he will be able to build a new foundation for the state economy whilst socially for the Kwara of our dream.
It is about believing in a man who can bring enduring change to the state, if we allow God to have his way through him as our Governor, it’s high-time we spoke with our votes.
The choice to make is either to continue on this rudderless path of misgovernance, mal-administration, gluttony and egocentrism championed by the often recycled politicians or we settle for a man of proven integrity, intellectual sagacity and above all a lover of Kwara and Kwarans, the choice is ours.