Carrie Fisher Won't be in 'Star Wars: Episode IX' and That's for the Best

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.

There is something about using actors posthumously in movies they never shot that just doesn’t sit right.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy dropped a bombshell on Star Wars fans Friday when she announced Carrie Fisher would not appear in Episode IX

Todd Fisher, the brother the late actress, previously suggested his sister’s image would used in the 2019 Star Wars installment, but Kennedy said he was “confused.” It’s a no go. 


There is something about using actors posthumously through CGI that just doesn’t sit right with me. 

I know this is not a new debate. The issue was brought up when Rogue One was released and viewers discovered Peter Cushing had been brought back to life onscreen in his role as Grand Moff Tarkin using visual effects.

It was scary how good the character looked. Too scary. And I think that is the issue. 

There is just something about it that seems disrespectful to me. Now, I know the Cushing estate gave Disney its permission and blessing to move forward, but it felt off. And because it felt off, it took me out of the movie when he was on screen. 

Even if recent, never-used footage of Fisher were cobbled together for Episode IX — as Todd Fisher seemed to be suggesting was the case — there’s still no way that could do the character, or the actress justice. Kennedy and director Rian Johnson have been praising Carrie Fisher’s performance in The Last Jedi, and it seems only fitting that this movie should stand as her final appearance as the character.

Let’s let our princess exit on the highest note possible.

SOURCE: Hollywood