Coachella Fashion, Day 1: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Offensive

Spoiler: People are still wearing Native American headdresses.

Day one of Coachella 2017 is officially in the books. 

There were a few hiccups, the biggest being sound issues from headliner Radiohead’s 11 p.m. performance. However, as far as festival fashion is concerned, the looks ran the gamut from good, to questionable to downright offensive. 

The Good: 
Festival fashion has become a bit homogenous through the years, however,  there were a few performers and festivalgoers on day one who managed to stand out (for the better).

Father John Misty, sporting his new scruffy ‘stache where his bushy beard once hung, rocked a fitted suit sans tie, crocodile slip-ons and a pocket chain, while giving an angst-ridden performance of tunes from his new, more melancholy album, Pure Comedy. The xx, meanwhile, chose matching black-and-white Gucci ensembles which were embroidered with Alessandro Michele’s signature bright snakes, butterflies and dragons.

Banks went for a high-fashion she-devil look, wearing a sheer bright red body suit that covered her from her neck to her fingers, which she paired with a shimmery high-slit skirt that glittered as she moved about on stage and over-the-knee black boots. 

The older attendees had fun with their attire, too — one man with a graying beard was spotted in light up sneakers, while another gentleman, also with a mop of gray hair, was outfitted in American flag print bell bottom flares. 

The Offensive:
It’s 2017, but not everyone got the memo. Just a few years after the media hulabaloo surrounding young festivalgoers’ appropriation of Native American culture in their chosen Coachella attire (read: headdresses, face paint), a woman wearing an elaborate feathered headdress was spotted milling about the crowd. 

The Unexpected: 
Is The Big Lebowski the next festival fashion icon for bros? Two grown men were spotted cruising the Polo Fields in silk bath robes and sunglasses, with only tiny short shorts peeking about beneath them. 

Near the VIP area — arguably the best place for people watching — we also spotted a man wearing a Philipp Plein basketball jersey, and another wearing what appeared to be a necklace from the new Yeezy jewelry collection. 

Another unexpected moment came from the sky following The xx performance on the main stage. A cloud of brightly colored drones began moving in choreographed shapes and formations, lighting up the desert darkness in what was described as “fireworks, but with drones,” by multiple bystanders.  

The Totally Expected: 
Just because you’ve prepared yourself to see plenty of bare butts hanging out beneath itty bitty denim cut off shorts, doesn’t mean you’re ever really ready for the cheeks. Bro tanks, bandanas, fighting couples — the bread and butter of Coachella — were also par for the course.

SOURCE: lstyle