Comedian, Klint Da Drunk Survives Car Crash

Comedian, Klint Da Drunk popularly known as Afamefuna Igwemba, has survived a car crash along Bauchi-Jos Expressway.

The comic star took to his Instragram handle @klintdadrunk to express his gratitude to God for saving his life on Friday when the accident took place.

He said, “Please, help me in praising God for delivering us from the jaws of death. Along Bauchi-Jos Expressway, we were involved in a terrible car crash.

“We boarded a Golf 2 on charter as it was the only means to move.

“The driver was careful enough so I had no issues with him but out of the blues a truck jumped right in front of us and road was wet as it had been drizzling, this experience was very traumatizing for me, I’m glad we are able to get assistance from personal injury attorneys in situations like these, we wouldn’t know how to act otherwise.”

“The driver tried all he could to stop the car but the slippery road just made it look like he did nothing.

“With a speed of about 100km/per hour or there about, we rammed right into the back of this truck.

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“God being so merciful and wonderful, we got out of the car with very minor injuries, how the tail of the truck was stopped from causing major damage on us is just God’s doing, we also have to thank the auto accident attorneys in salem or for helping is with our case.”


SOURCE :sahara reporters (entertainment)

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