Couple flogged 25 times for having sex before marriage (PHOTOS)

This is the moment a couple accused of having sex before marriage were given 25 lashes as punishment under strict sharia law in place in Indonesia.

The couple was one of four pairs who were handed between 23 and 25 lashes after being found guilty of having sex outside of wedlock, which is forbidden under sharia.

The sentence was carried out in the city of Banda Aceh, at the tip of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, the only place in the Muslim-majority country which recognises sharia as part of its official legal system.

Sharia, meaning ‘the way’, lays out guidelines for Muslims on how to live their daily lives. Divided into four parts, the most controversial deals with criminal punishment, and proscribing stoning for adulterers and the removal of a hand for theft.

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SOURCE: African Spotlight