'Dark Night: Metal' to Explore New Directions for DC's Comic Book Superheroes

The storyline will be created by the best-selling ‘Batman’ team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

After creating the best-selling extended run on a title for decades, what do you do for an encore? For Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, whose critically acclaimed Batman run defied sales trends for 50 issues, the answer is simple: take on the entire DC universe of superheroes. And make it Metal.

Announced at Fan Expo Dallas Sunday, the best-selling team will work together for the first time since leaving the Dark Knight to create Dark Nights: Metal, an event storyline that Snyder promised in a statement was not only “bigger than Batman,” but would in fact be “the definitive project of our careers.”

The series will launch in August, following two previously announced Dark Days special issues in June and July, co-written by Snyder and Detective Comics writer James Tynion IV. (What else would come before Dark Nights if not Dark Days, after all?) According to DC, the storyline will examine unexplored decisions and paths once available to the heroes of its superhero universe, although further details remain unknown at this time.

“I couldn’t be more excited to see Scott and Greg take on the DC Universe,” DC Entertainment publisher Dan DiDio said about the project. “Dark Nights: Metal leans into the strength of the relationship Scott and Greg forged on Batman to launch something new and unexpected. We’re pushing the world’s finest heroes in new, unexplored directions to tell a giant story, using all the characters in our pantheon.”

Snyder took pains to emphasize that, despite the title, audiences shouldn’t expect Dark Nights: Metal to be too… well, dark. “Even with terror and nightmares, it won’t be grim,” he promised, adding that the story will, instead, “be celebratory, huge and crazy. I’ve said it before: I am going for out-of-control dinosaurs and lasers.”

SOURCE: Hollywood