Davido visits BBNaija Housemates.. and they went crazy!

davido visits bbnaija

Davido is currently in the Big Brother Naija House and the housemates went crazy as he walked through the door.

They are currently seated at the dinning table where they are discussing about their fans outside, Davido’s smashing hit single: “If” and lots more.

Davido also warned the Housemates to start small & build since getting lots of money’s overwhelming… saying “I spent $1 Million in 3 months”

See some photos below:

davido visits bbnaija

Meanwhile, Biggie before Davido’s arrival took the Housemates down memory lane this afternoon, with a challenge called the Memory Box.

It’s the last Monday in the Big Brother House and only five Housemates remain ahead of the Season Finale this Sunday. For this challenge, The Housemates were blindfolded and had to figure out what was inside the boxes that were placed in front of them. There were ten boxes in total and each box contained items they had come across during their stay in the House.

To make things a little interesting, Biggie informed the Housemates that they were not allowed to take out the items from the boxes. First up was Efe, who fumbled inside the box said, “I don feel am.” He then reached further inside and quickly told Biggie he had figured out what it was inside and Biggie’s Ninja led him back to his seat.

Up next was Bisola, then TBoss, Marvis and finally, Debie-Rise. This marked the first round. They were then each asked to remove the blindfolds and write down what they thought the item was. There was a bit of mumbling among the Housemates about something and Biggie picked up that it was about the scorching heat. He asked them if they were feeling alright, to which they replied in the negative.

“Did you ever think it would be easy to win the prize money and the SUV? Are you going give up now coz of the heat?” Biggie wondered.

The Housemates said they would soldier on and it was back to round two of the challenge, following the same order as in the first round. At the big reveal, Biggie asks them to read what they had written down was in the first box. It was knee pad and they all got it right and were awarded a point for this, except for Marvis. Some of the other items in the other boxes included Indomie Instant Noodles, paint brushes, a bowl of rice, as well as a feature scarf.

At the end of the challenge stood four winners, Bisola, Debie-Rise, Efe and TBoss. Biggie assured them they would receive a reward during the course of the day. This weeks’ theme is Nostalgia and it was only fitting that Biggie got them taking part in a challenge that would take them on a trip down memory lane.

After competing in the Memory Box Challenge earlier, it was time for the Housemates’ culinary skills to be put to the challenge.

They were to compete in a Cooking Challenge, sponsored by Indomie Instant Noodles. The Housemates were to prepare a meal using Indomie Instant Noodles and add other ingredients they could find in the kitchen. They had an hour to prepare the meal.

The Housemates had a chance to present their dishes to Biggie in the Arena. They described how they prepared the meal and had to decide which dish was the best. They were not allowed to vote for their own dish. Biggie asked them to stand behind the dish they felt was the best. Efe was announced the overall winner and Biggie further asked them to taste the food.

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