Dear Buhari, Did You Make These Decisions Or The Two Or Three Cabal Did?

Your Excellency,
Firstly I would be surprised if this gets to you because word on the streets is that the two or three cabal screen everything that comes your way. This they say is why you never knew police chief IGP Idris disobeyed your orders and pulled out of Benue state allowing us die in hundreds. This also they say is why every massacre you only find out about by accident if on community visit – because the two or three cabal tell you all is always going great.

Now here are the decisions, many deadly that I would like to know the maker of, you or the two or three men:

1. Who decided to extend the security chiefs' tenures in spite of them being globally accused of grave crimes against humanity and in spite of their continued hopelessness in the face of expanding terror in the Nigerian failed state?

2. Who covered up Babchir Lawal for an entire year while Nigerians and their assembly protested for his sack for stealing from internally displaced victims of Boko Haram terror?

3. Who continues to coverup Babachir Lawal, who sits happy with his loot stash taken from the poor, keeping him away from prosecution and prison?

4. Who decided to coverup and protect Ayodele Oke and his wife caught red-handed with millions of dollars loot stashed in their secret Ikoyi apartment?

5. Who was in charge of the looting of Aso rock clinic and who continues to protect that person?

6. Who stole the dates Saudi Arabia donated for Nigeria's poor and who made the decision to protect that official of your administration.

7. Who made the decision to coverup the owner and transporter of the 49million cash the EFCC spotted at Kaduna airport?

8. Who is behind the decision to protect the indisputably globally exposed Kano crooked governor now better known as Gandollars?

9. Who decided to institute the scam FOREX subsidy that former CBN chief Sanusi Lamido Sanusi lamented was “making billionaires every day,” And Reuters reported gives someone like Dangote half a billion dollars in a year.

10. Who decided to secretly reintroduce a larger fuel subsidy?

11. Who decided to engage secret mushroom companies to make killings from the secretly reinstituted fuel subsidy?

12. Who decided to keep crooked CBN governor Godwin Emefiele in office to keep enriching the cabal and keep extorting Nigeria's poor masses in ponzi fashion with government imposed excessive bank fines and levies?

13. Who made the decision not to sell off the outrageous numbers of private presidency air craft as you promised?

14. Who is behind the decision to break the law, destroying the judicial system by so doing and not release illegally and unconstitutionally detained persons like Dasuki and Zakzaky?

15. Who ordered the massacre and secret mass burial of hundreds of shia minority Muslims in Zaria, December 2015?

16. Who is behind the protection and failure to punish implicated officers of the Nigerian army and members of the Kaduna state government in that Zaria massacre incident?

17. Who ordered the Onitsha massacre of 2016 where the Nigerian military again killed and secretly buried at least 100 Igbos in a mass grave in military cemetery according to a report in PREMIUMTIMES?

18. Who ordered the presidential elite guard to shoot and kill and mercilessly mutilate unarmed walking and protesting Shia Muslims in Abuja this October?

19. Who was behind the false claim you recently made to have completed the Ugwashi-Uku Dam in Delta state?

20. Who is behind the covering up of all PDP looters like Obanikoro once they embrace APC?

21. Who is behind the lies but failure to clean-up Oogni land?

22. Who is behind the billions junior minister Kachikwu indicated are being misappropriated and looted by the NNPC and the forced reconciliation after Baru who silently handles an NNPC budget twice Nigeria's annual budget was exposed?

23. Who was behind the decision to coverup Oshimhole in spite of glaring evidence of his grossly undermining APC democratic processes and his corruptly enriching himself?

24. Who was behind the decision to fund Boko Haram in millions of dollars secret negotiations?

25. Who was behind the decision to initiate an illegal amnesty for Boko Haram terrorists and free their members to cause more havoc in violation of Section 175 of Nigeria;s 1999 constitution which restricts amnesty issuance to a broad decision inclusive of all members of the Council of State?

26. Who has been behind the continuous decision for the army to cover-up the real state of Boko Haram, lie and diminish figures to 10% of actual when civilians and soldiers are killed and continue to enable Boko Haram terrorists by watching them move freely in Borno?

27. Who was behind the appointment of a rather reckless IGP who use to rent out all of Nigeria's police to protect only the wealthy cabal and keeping him in office in spite of public tramadolized inebriation?

28. Who is behind the war by the Nigerian military on human right activists, Nigerian and global media, UNICEF, Amnesty International and apparently everyone but Boko Haram?

29. Who was behind the decision to hide the true nature of your medical condition and the treatment given including if and whether procedures were done that affected your mental state and cognition?

Let's cut it here.
We humble citizens of Nigeria await your response on these important decisions made. Were they made by you or the two or three men?

Dr. Perry Brimah, Whatsapp: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305; @CabalMustGo; @EveryNigerian; [email protected]


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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