Decomposing Corpse Of Unidentified Man Dumped At Delta Broadcasting Service In Asaba

The decomposing body of an unidentified middle aged man dumped by unknown persons was on Friday morning found inside the mulit-billion-naira drainage at the premises of the Delta State Broadcasting Service (DBS), Asaba, in the state capital.

When SaharaReporters visited the scene of the incident, the decomposing corpse was still floating in the pool of stagnant drainage water right inside the broadcasting facility, while staff members of the station who reported for duty that morning blamed the state government over its inability to complete the project, fence the station premises and provide security that will prevent such dumping of corpses in the premises.

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“The victim may have been robbed and killed by armed robbers and his body dumped in the uncompleted DBS premises. Security wise, our premises is so porous, making it possible for the dumping of all manners of things. Its a big disgrace that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is not bothered about the dilapidation of the state-owned media house,” a member of staff told SaharaReporters.

“Just take a look at the open drains filled with stagnant water and other debris dumped here, making the whole environment unfit for human habitation. For over eight months now, the DBS fence that was destroyed during the construction of the drainage still remains unattended to. Meanwhile, the millions of naira compensation that was paid to the station by the construction company was hijacked by Patrick Ukah, the COmmissioner for Information, and diverted to his private pocket.

“We saw bruises on the dead body while his tongue stuck out. The water here is stagnant and there is no way the corpse may have floated from across the other drains across the road because for the past few days there has not be any drop of rain that could make anyone to suspect that the corpse may have floated from somewhere else. The corpse was discovered by one of us dove acquistare viagra sicuro, dove acquistare viagra sicuro, dove acquistare viagra sicuro, dove acquistare viagra sicuro, dove acquistare viagra sicuro, dove acquistare viagra sicuro. here and immediately we alerted the Police and environmental workers who came.”

The corpse was evacuated by environmental and health workers from the state ministries of environment and health, accompanied by policemen.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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