On 17th November, 2017, the eve of Local Government Election, the people of Lafiagi witnessed the reckless, unethical and tyrannical display of abuse of power by Senator Shaaba Lafiagi, The senator representing Kwara North at the National Assembly.

The lives of innocent citizens for whom the senator was sent to the Senate to represent, were lost in a situation that could have been totally avoided. Yet, legal actions are yet to be taken against the senator who, in other nations of the world would either be cooling off his heels behind bars or would be facing trial in a court, but here in our own part of the world, the senator is still walking freely as if nothing had happened.

Yesterday evening, Our Movement – Facts From Fiction (FFF) was informed of the planned press conference by the Senator boys. This, they wish to do according to the directive given to them by the Senator in order to cover his wrongdoing which is not only acute but also nefarious to the good people of Kwara North. As if denying the dead justice is not enough, We learnt the Senator picked some youths to deceive the public by addressing the general public that the good people of Lafiagi have forgiven the senator, they love him and furthermore, wishes that he continues on the Senate seat, as he (Senator Shaaba Lafiagi) is the best Kwara North can offer. This faction of youths are thereby made to use the only Youth vanguard in Lafiagi known as Lafiagi Emirate Youth Transparent Association (LEYTA) as their association to abet the Senator.

Facts From Fiction had a discussion with the member of the Lafiagi Emirate Youth Association and we were made to understand that they haven’t in any way supported​ the Senator until justice prevailed and their rights protected.

The bedevil caused by Senator Shaaba Lafiagi to the entire Kwara North is not only the death scenario as they are also been sidelined in all ramifications.

Recent development as regards the National Association of Nigerian Students awarding the controversial senator has been met with protest in Lafiagi, as youths under the banner of Lafiagi Emirate Youth Transparent Association mobilised in their numbers to protest such unethical act.

The protesters converged at the APC Secretariat beside the bank of agriculture Lafiagi, with placards in hand, on which were inscribed their grievances.

Facts From Fiction wish to make it clear that Senator Shaaba Lafiagi is not worth being a leader, for a leader should be responsible for the progress of his people and not their deaths.

We hereby urge all well meaning individuals to please discard any message from groups or individuals parading themselves as Kwara North representatives to praise the Senator. Justice must take its course.

From the Media Office