DEPORTED: 36 Nigerians 'Illegally Residing' In The UK

DEPORTED: 36 Nigerians ‘Illegally Residing’ In The UK

DEPORTED: 36 Nigerians ‘Illegally Residing’ In The UK

The United Kingdom has deported 36 Nigerians for allegedly committing numerous immigration offences in the country.

The deportees comprised 33 males and three females who had illegally resided in Dublin, Ireland and England for several years.

The deportees were brought back to Nigeria through a chartered airplane, TITAN Airways, with flight number ZT9131 at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

Most of the deportees wore sombre looks and complained that they never committed serious offences in their host countries before they were repatriated on Wednesday morning.

Some of the offences of the deportees include overstaying, visa expiration and lack of resident permits.

However, it was gathered that none of the deportees had criminal issues such as drug trafficking, stealing and fraud.

On arrival, the deportees, who were escorted back to Nigeria with security operatives from United Kingdom, went through immigration profiling.

On completion of the immigration processes, they were allowed depart to their various destinations, but most of them were seen lurking around the hajj and cargo terminal with their sack bag lurked under their arms.

Just about a month ago, the US deported 34 Nigerians for various immigration and alleged criminal offences.

The deportees were returned aboard a chartered aircraft, Boeing 767 owned by Omni Air International.

The aircraft had touched down at the Lagos Airport at 14:35pm and the deportees were immediately taken to the immigration area for proper profiling.

Among the deportees were 32 males and two females with one of them having a serious health challenge.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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