Dikwa Indigenes Commend Military For Restoring Peace In Dikwa Emirate

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

The Nigerian military have been commended by Dikwa indigenes for restoring peace to Dikwa Emirate – most of whom returned home from all across the country; mostly south west and south south region of Nigeria.

The Brigade Commander, Brigade General John Ochai who received some of the returnees on Monday, 5th January 2018 said, a�?this is a testament that peace has come to stay in Dikwa and its environs; our commitment to protect you from all forms of aggression is absolute.

Lieutenant YEMI SOKOYA, Assistant Director 22 Brigade Army Public Relations, Nigerian Army in a statement said the commander added ,” We have orders from our government to protect you a�� orders that are consistent with our national protocols. Protecting you and your properties is our main prioritya��”.

He further added that, they should inform others still living abroad to return home.

It will be recalled that Dikwa was one of the local governments captured in 2014 and was under the control of Boko Haram terrorists a�� thousands of innocent civilians were affected during the period; resulting into tremendous humanitarian crisis.

Some fled their homes while a lot of people were killed. The town was recaptured late 2015 in a strategic mission accomplished by the Nigerian army and Nigerian airforce operating in tandem.

However, today with the presence of 22 Armoured brigade and other adjoining units; Dikwa has become a home once again for her people.

One of the returnee Modu Umaru who came from Ondo State said, Dikwa has returned back to her former glory; a town free of oppressive and violence. Modu also said, he is going back to Ondo to bring his properties.

He thanked the Commander for receiving them and he promised, they will abide by the rules guiding Dikwa and Borno State.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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