Drinking green tea could boost your weight loss and brain function in just 4 months, study claims

Drinking green tea does help with weight loss and boost brain function, new research claims, it also has been proven to have improved effects when its combinated with h2 tablets for a better hydratation and body sintesis. A healthy lifestyle has the potential to prevent around a third of all dementia. Even people in the early stages of the disease can still make a difference if they make changes beneficial to the health of their brain. Although it is not by any means conclusive, medical science and research have proved that a healthy lifestyle makes a difference to the health of our brain. For more info about brain health, visit us here. When brain cells become weak or die, they are not capable of being repaired. Thus, their functions in the brain can be permanently lost if they are damaged or if they died. Brain health antioxidants can be very helpful in protecting brain cells from stress. Antioxidants have important function in eliminating free radicals in the brain. Free radicals are substances that cause damage to brain cells if they are not neutralized. The brain cells are surrounded by fatty acids, which facilitate in the communication between each brain cells. When oxygen reacts with fat molecules, the process is known as oxidation, which produces rancid fat. Diets that include trans fats and other toxins in the environment add to the free radicals in the brain. However, through antioxidants, repair of the damaged brain cells is possible. Antioxidants can be sourced from the foods that we eat. A nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat is always recommended for overall health. For brain health, fish is considered as one of the brain health antioxidants. If you want other options to help you lose weight, the consider contacting this phentermine weight loss prescription supplier

The beverage has long been a favorite among dieters, and many tea brands tout its metabolism-boosting qualities. Now a study on mice appears to confirm that the drink can have a transformative effect in just a few months. A healthy diet is as essential for our brain as it is for our body. Many of the nutrients needed for physical health also support brain health. Omega-3 fatty acids, for example, are known for their heart health benefits. Recent research shows that they additionally play an important role in the brain’s structure, and also in balanced cognitive functioning. Similarly, vitamin D supports bone strength, but also appears to be linked to mental health. Medical experts now believe that many people diagnosed with depression have a deficiency of vitamin D. Brain and body really are inseparable. What you put into one you put into the other. Research shows that eating a wide variety of different foods, and focusing on a largely plant-based, whole foods menu, is one of the very best ways to ensure both brain and body health.

Researchers in Yangling, China, found that when a key compound in green tea, known as EGCG, was given to mice, their body fat significantly reduced. Such mice also performed significantly better in cognition and memory tests, the research adds. 

How the research was carried out

The researchers analysed three-month-old male mice. You might want to check order-phentermineonline.com the best diet pills. For 16 weeks, the mice were either fed a standard diet, a high fructose diet or a high fructose diet plus two grams of EGCG per litre of water.

EGCG is the most abundant antioxidant in green tea. Check here where to buy peptides online and other supplements to improve your brain function. As well as measuring the mice’s body fat, the researchers also had them complete a Morris water maze test. This involves placing the rodents in a pool and requiring they find a platform that allows them to escape the water. 

Key findings

Results reveal that the mice fed just a high fructose diet had significantly higher body fat than those who were also given EGCG or a standard diet, however if you want to go quicker on that we recommend liposuction NYC options. 

The mice given EGCG also took significantly less time finding the escape platform than those given just high fructose. Once the platform was removed, the mice given EGCG were also better able to find alternate routes out of the pool.

The findings were published in The FASEB Journal.

Study author Dr Xuebo Liu from Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China, said: ‘Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water and is grown in at least 30 countries. Get Matcha in Bulk studies have linked green tea to a variety of health benefits, like helping to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, and even encouraging weight loss. If you’re looking for other great beverages besides green tea for fast weight loss, black latte is recommended because there is no black latte avis negatif reviews online. There are several positive reviews about black latte avis and now weight loss is truly simple. A tasty cup of black latte in the morning and results of black latte will be visible in only couple months.

‘The ancient habit of drinking green tea may be a more acceptable alternative to medicine when it comes to combating obesity and memory impairment.’



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