DSG subsidiary, Broadbrand, secures strategic partnership with InMobi for Africa

15 March 2017, Johannesburg– Broadbrand, a specialist mobile marketing company and subsidiary of the Digital Solutions Group (DSG), has secured the exclusive rights to offer InMobi ad inventory in Africa. This partnership enables Broadbrand to offer its clients access to the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform – that can deliver video and rich media solutions across campaign objectives and specialises in in-app solutions – thus delivering more pervasive mobile advertising reach for clients across the continent.

According to Yaron Assabi, founder and CEO of Broadbrand, media is a critical success factor in any integrated customer experience. “For brands to achieve the desired ROI, it is critical that they offer seamless experiences across their marketing efforts. Also, a customer’s post-click experience is extremely important. Too often, one sees banner ads for apps that are not available on the device or those that lead to slow-loading websites. On the other hand, contextual and relevant ads, compared to spray and pray advertising tactics, nudge customers to interact with the ad, or buy the product or service resulting in better brand engagement,” said Assabi.

Andy Powell, Head of Sales for InMobi in Middle East, Africa & Turkey says, “Our platform enables consumers to discover new products and services by providing rich, immersive and highly personalized ad experiences on mobile devices. Our platform is engineered to allow brands and marketers to manage all of their mobile marketing needs as efficiently as possible while consistently delivering ROI across all campaign objectives”

“The InMobi offering is well suited to all brands and media agencies. Also, local publishers seeking to monetize their apps will greatly benefit from the InMobi SDK (Software Development Kit),” adds Assabi.

With purchasing power across the Sub-Saharan Africa region rapidly increasing, South Africa is fast becoming a mobile-first market with rising mobile consumption.

“It’s for this reason that marketers and media buyers are increasingly seeking to work with independent mobile partners outside of the ‘walled gardens’,” says Powell. “Over the last 5 years we have built a good understanding of market needs and preferences and we believe that the time is now right to increase our investment within Africa – and Broadbrand is the right partner to help us do this.”

“While data costs are still high, with growing free Wi-Fi access and our ability to offer ad supported data packages, mobile advertising is growing – and specifically mobile video is growing exponentially. We are very excited about this partnership with InMobi, as their offering certainly complements our ethos of excellence through digital solutions and our existing comprehensive offering to clients,” concludes Assabi.

Source: The Nigerian Voice