EDO 2020: Dark days hit Edo, throw Obaseki on slippery slope 

“You cannot achieve anything by violence”, my maternal uncle ( upon whom peace be) before going the way of aĺl flesh would always caution while brokering peace between conflict actors.

Today, our state is in dire need of a moral compass to navigate her through stormy waters as the state political actors flex muscles almost to a breaking point.

Reports reaching me have it that Gov Obaseki had a close shave following an attack at Iyamho, the hometown of his political godfather, Comrade Adams Osiomhonle, the former Governor of the state now the chairman of Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress.

Be that as it may, it would interest us to note at this juncture that two wrongs, it is said, do not make a right.

In a video clip I watched this morning while addressing journalists, Governor Obaseki insisted on peace pursiut in spite of all odds.

One thing uniquely stands out here.
While this writer condemns the barbaric attack on the Governor and his entourage at Iyamho in its entirety, the peace process initiated by the Governor, if genuine, remains the ticket and should therefore be embraced under the existing circumstances to move our state forward.

Edo State comes first, our personal ambitions are secondary for no meaningful development could be achieved in a theatre of war.

As it stands, Edo State will take oceans of time not to rebuild but to regenerate as virtually everything is at sixes and sevens.

The obviously sad situation ought not be geared solely towards aggrandizing the vast Oshiomhonle-Obaseki dynasties as Edo people are greater than the titanic duo whose battle for supremacy has assumed an alarming crescendo to the detriment of our state.

Distractions which we see today as a result of power tussle in the state between a godson and godfather will further plunge our state to abysmal depths.

Today, there is nothing to show that our state is on the path to recovery nor is there anything to show our state is on the path to redemption. Edo State economic fortune dwindles marvelously as growth remains static. In fact our state is saddled with a massive debt burden, the state’s debt overhang speaks volumes for this.

Attention should, therefore, be shifted to or focused on key areas for an accelerated economic growth to impact positively on the lives of our people sapped dry over time by visionless leadership.

While I advise the conflict actors to shealth swords we must not lose sight of the fact that Edo State remains larger than the ambition of any individual.

To stumble twice and fall over the same piece of stone is a proverbial disgrace, Mark Cicero, the Brazilian philosopher had said.

Hence, power must not remain in the hands of overlords and conferdracy of fraternities who cannot make judicious use of it to better the lots of our people.

I recently proceeded on a tour of Edo State which saw me visiting the provinces and countryside I discovered much work awaits us, Godwilling, if voted to power. What our state stands urgently in need of is total regeneration as we have taken frightening leaps backwards in the league of states that make up the Federation of Nigeria which ought not to be after all!

Leaders that made a mark would always stand high in people’s hearts.

Our state’s golden age is still being retold today under the distinguished leadership of Dr Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and Prof. Ambrose Alli considering the enduring legacies they bequeathed to our people and I have no doubt whatsoever if the clock of time could be put back these iconic duo in Nigerian letters in a fair contest would effortlessly secure the keys yet again to the Government House on Denis Osadebe Avenue.

This more than anything takes the winds out of Obaseki’s sails and roundly throws him on a slippery slope.

Iyoha John Darlington was Edo State Governorship candidate of Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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