Ekiti Governorship Poll: Pastor Afe Emerges ANRP Candidate

Pastor and life coach, Mr. Tunde Afe, has emerged the candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP, for the Ekiti State governorship election scheduled for July. 

Mr. Afe became the candidate of the party after winning the gubernatorial primary, Sesugh Akume, national spokesperson of ANRP said in a statement on Tuesday.

Akune added that Mr. Afe also participated in the party’s in house debate on the 12th of May before contesting in an open ballot election held on 13th of May.

He added that the gubernatorial candidate has already chosen one of his opponents for the governorship ticket, Mr. Sanusi Kazeem , as his running mate.

He pointed out that the debate organized for the aspirants was essential to assess their readiness for the task ahead and to avail voters the opportunity of deciding intelligently.

“Though the primary debate and election was strictly and internal process, citizens were invited to be present and participate as observers of the election process,” Akume said.

He also gave position of the party on the Oyo local government elections held last weekend. 

While noting that the party was given a very short notice, he however said ANRP was able to put up an impressive performance in the poll. 

He claimed that reports from the party officials who monitored the process indicated that the party came second in all polling units where it had candidates, and second overall in the elections. 

“We won in some polling units where we were able to have polling agents to ensure that there was no manipulation,” he further said.

Mr Akume, however, said that his party is expecting the use of electronic voting in all forthcoming elections at every level as exemplified by another state which held local government elections on that same day, rather than the manual method which is easily prone to errors and manipulations.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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