Ekiti July Poll: A battle ground for Fayose and Buhari

In a month's time Ekiti people will go to polling units to elect a leader that will lead them for another 4years. But Ekiti people will make a colossal mistake if they think July 14 is between Eleka and Fayemi, it is far from it.

Buhari's boys are ready to spill their last ounce of blood to spite Fayose. It is a long awaited avenue to bring down the man whose mouth is unbridled to their master. In Buhari's camp, July 14 is a warfare and their weapons are dollars, naira, brutality and rigging through the popularly called Federal might.

It is fight to finish. They are boasting in their camp that Fayose's scrotum is in their hands and they will soon make him cry like a baby. It has reached a point that the battle is beyond what Buhari is expecting, his boys are not ready for any tea party, Fayose must bow by force. Just watch out for how events will turnout in the next 30days.

This July 14 poll is an acid test for our democracy, it is a test for the governed and the government. For the very first time, Ekiti is having a Professor and a PhD holder as major contenders. In fact, it is a battle of intellect.

Ekiti people should take a clue from Ondo people who voted for their belly's need under the caption of “Dibo ko se obe” means vote and get money to cook soup. The aftermath of soup they cooked at poll is endless. The first hammer raised by Arakunrin was cancellation of children and maternal free health care, followed by stoppage of free transportation for school children and the recent hike in tuition fees of tertiary institutions.

This current syndrome of politics of highest bidder should not prevail in Ekiti. If the people of Edo, Ondo and Anambra fell for it, Ekiti people should do otherwise. This is because their case is different. For the first time in our national history, a sitting President will devote so much energy to grab a State with 77-man panel!.

Dear Ekiti people, on July 14, 2018, you will have before you options to elect a leader from grassroot or a Buharist. A State might versus Federal might, a builder versus Buharinomics affiliate. Voting for APC and Fayemi is tantamount to voting Buhari who value life of a cow more than a man's life.

If you have not heard, your little farmland will become grazing land and it will be a field day for herdsmen. July 14 is between Fayose and Buhari, please be wise.

Ekiti kete o, be wise.
Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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