EKO Electricity Company CEO Reveals Secret Behind 'Crazy Bills'

EKO Electricity Company CEO Reveals Secret Behind ‘Crazy Bills’

EKO Electricity Company CEO Reveals Secret Behind ‘Crazy Bills’

Mr. Adeoye Fadeyibi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has unveiled the secret behind the so-called ‘crazy bill’ which has been one of the major areas of discord between electricity distribution companies and consumers.   

Speaking at a town hall meeting with residents of Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, the EKEDC CEO said the ‘huge’ bill was because distribution companies take the reading of electricity consumption of customers who are not metered directly from the transformer.

Fadeyibi told participants at the meeting to ensure persons are not stealing electricity from electric poles or connecting heavy appliances like welding machines to the transformer: “What you call crazy bill is not crazy according to us in Eko Disco; we have an approved methodology for billing consumers who do not have functional meters.

“It is what we get from your transformer monthly that is being shared among the consumers. So, if your neighbors are tapping power daily or you see welding machines nearby and you think it is our responsibility to hold them, it will reflect in your bills.

“Expose your neighbors who are bypassing meters or anybody that is tapping supply from our electric poles now.

“This is for the benefit of both parties,” Fadeyibi said.

While seeking the cooperation of the community, the EKEDC CEO promised an increase in the power supply to their area from six to 12-15 hours in the coming months. He said he is confident customers will pay more bills if they are assured of more electricity.

“If we give them electricity and the bills come along, they will be willing to pay the bills.

“Now, we are both committed; this is fantastic. We in EKEDC will go back to our table and come back with solutions, which is improved power supply to the areas.

“So, by the time we are here again for another town hall meeting, they will tell us that supply has improved, and we would have fulfilled our promise.”

Fadeyibi further disclosed that the company has been on a maintenance marathon since December.

He added that the consumers will soon begin to enjoy the benefits of the effort.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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